That’s right!  This week’s American Maverick Show is focusing on great local conservatives working hard with strong campaigns for Albemarle County Supervisor and School Board.  Host Flint Engleman will have three candidates in studio to talk about their priorities, positions and perspective on local government.
As we all are realizing, what we thought was a problem on the federal and state level with despondent elected officials, big government policies and cronyism, has worked its way down to local government.  For years, local officials have steadily embraced the policies of a bloated, high tax government.  Now, citizens are being squeezed by taxes, increasing regulations and elected officials that turn a deaf ear to constituents.
Thankfully there are solid, conservative candidates running for local office in Virginia and beyond to bring common sense leadership home.  Candidates that will restore fiscal sanity to county budgets, reduce regulations to spawn economic growth, and will listen to the voice of the electorate.

This week we are proud to welcome three great candidates to the show!

Listen live on News Talk 107.5 FM WCHV or our re-broadcast on Red State Talk Radio Network.

In-studio Guests for Sunday, September 6th :
Richard Lloyd.  Republican candidate for Rivanna District for Virginia’s Albemarle County Board of Supervisors.
Caroll “CJ” Hatcher.  She’s an educator not a politician.  CJ is campaigning for the White Hall District for the Albemarle County School Board.
Mike Basile.  Independent candidate with the heart of a citizen activist.  Mike is running his campaign for Samuel Miller District for the Albemarle School Board.

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