Trump and Hillary still top polling, but there a lot of movement with other candidates from both parties.  Let’s get to it!  Here’s the Power Rankings as of September 8, 2015…

Republicans:  Donald Trump continues to sustain his polling and media dominance over the Republican field of candidates.  The story is what’s happening with Jeb Bush and Scott Walker’s polling.  Both are slipping in national and battleground polls.  While moderate Ben Carson is surging.  Yet, did you hear Carson came out to support Amnesty and gun control??  Internal campaign issues and staff defections cost Rand Paul and Rick Perry.  Let’s remind one another that it is still early, but hey, the next GOP debate is coming up soon on September 16th. What could possibly go wrong??

Rank     Republican Candidate

   1        Donald Trump    —
   2        Ben Carson         +5
   3        Jeb Bush            -1
   4        Ted Cruz            —
   5        Marco Rubio       +1
   6        Carly Fiorina      +3
   7        Scott Walker      -4
   8        John Kasich       —
  9        Rand Paul          -4
 10        Chris Christie     +1
 11        Mike Huckabee  +1
 12        Rick Perry          -2
 13        Bobby Jindal      —
 14        Rick Santorum    -3
 15        Lindsey Graham  -3
 16        George Pataki     —
 17        Jim Gilmore        —

Democrats:  Hillary is slipping badly in polling, both nationally and key battleground states like Iowa and New Hampshire.  Socialist Bernie Sanders is leading Hill in New Hampshire by 10 points!  Oh, and then there is the situation with Hillary’s email.  All this is giving mainstream Dems the willys.  And, none other than uncle Joe Biden is readying his campaign to take on Hillary and Bernie for the Dem nomination.  Can this get more messy for Hillary?  Yes!  The anniversary of Benghazi is on September 11th.  Finally, Biden and the wicked Cherokee from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren had a impromptu meeting supposedly to talk about the Dem ticket of Biden/Warren.  Hope Joe keeps his hands to himself.  The media and the White House are definitely picking favorites, and right now its Joe Biden.
Rank     Democrat Candidate
   1        Hillary Clinton       —
   2        Bernie Sanders      —
   3        Joe Biden              +4
   4        Elizabeth Warren   +3
   5        Martin O’Malley      -2
   6        Jim Webb               -2
   7        Lincoln Chafee       -2

The American Maverick will provide periodic updates of how candidates are performing for their respective party nomination.  Candidates that have declared will have greater weighting.  Because you have to be in it, to win it.  All rankings consider how candidates jockey for attention, handle media stress and overall how they keep their message and candidacy at the forefront of American voters.

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