Maybe you have heard some of these statements from ardent Trump supporters:  Including, ‘Don’t dump Trump, look at the polls’, ‘He keeps winning debates’, or even, ‘No one else can beat Trump.  Look how he took care of Jeb.’
True, Donald Trump is looking strong through most polling and his supporters are very passionate about the man.  Yet, when you look under the hood of Trump’s campaign there are issues.  Structural campaign issues that even Trump’s best fans may dismiss.
There are two specific areas of Donald Trump’s campaign that need to be pointed out.
First, his campaign style is high-profile and media driven.  Almost like The Apprentice TV show has gone on a ’round the country media blitz since Don’s campaign launch in July.  What the campaign did was to use his celebrity status as a magnet to literally suck all of the media attention from the other GOP candidates.
For months now, Trump has been given a live pulpit of media coverage where ever he travels.  From the mainstream and right of center media as well. And, miraculously he has succeeded.
Well, the peril of this media driven campaign is that it is short-lived.  We are now witnessing what the Maverick pointed out months ago.  That eventually the media would pull back, target another candidate, and Trump’s polling and media grab would start to falter.
You see, a media driven campaign, even with Donald Trump as your man, will eventually lose gas.  Especially with the fickle, leftist nature of the media.
Now the second peril of Trump’s campaign.  Well, what campaign.  His campaign infrastructure is very weak.   I’m talking the necessary campaign field staff and presence in key battleground states to identify and mobilize voters for upcoming caucuses/primaries.

It’s amazing the turnout Trump has at arenas and other events, but when it comes to Primary Day, who do you have working to assure these people show up to vote?

With Trump, this is a severe flaw in his campaign.  The lack of field staff that are on the ground and working every day to solidify your base of voters.
For comparison sake, do you know how many field staff Trump had just a month ago?  A grand total of 50 in a few key states.  Now, how many staffers has Hillary had nationally since January?  The answer is 350.  Yes, that is a staggering stat, and should be of grave concern to Trump backers.
Why is Trump stalling in polls in Iowa?  It’s simple.  He has not had the paid field staff on the ground identifying solid supporters.  And, who has?  Ben Carson.  That is why Carson is on track to win in Iowa and is doing well in Iowa polls.  Now, if this is the case in Iowa.  The lack of Trump staff is going to hurt him in other key states like New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida.
Now the perils of Trump are colliding.  His media driven campaign is ever so slowly waning.  And, now he needs his ground game with field staff to kick in.  Yet, his campaign infrastructure is hollow and superficial.
We are now less than 90 days till the Iowa Caucuses.  Trump must bear down and get his ground troops hired to bring out his supporters.  If Trump continues to lag with infrastructure, you will see him steadily decline in battleground state polling.  As other candidates vested in staff begin to make head way with voters that will show up on Primary Day.
Bottom line:  Trump has to spend $$$ fast to bulk up his battleground team or his campaign is in peril.

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