Saturday, July 25, 2015


The latest American Maverick Presidential Power Rankings looks to realize the impact of Trump factor on the Republican field of candidates.  And, on the Democrat side, Hillary continues to show her less than astute campaign age as she sees her favorables falter in battle ground states.

Let's get to it.  Here's the Power Rankings as of July 26, 2015...

Republicans:  No matter what you think about Donald Trump as a candidate, his persona is kicking the heck out of the other candidates.  The American Mav remains cautious with Trump's long term impact, yet cannot ignore Trump's immediate dominance in the media and polling.  Despite his McCain stumble, Trump is maintaining strong polling.  In essence, Trump is sucking all the media away from the other candidates so they struggle for any real traction with voters.  

So, this update shows Trump rocketing to the top while others generally maintain their position.  Newbies are Kasich, Christie, Pataki, and Jindal.  The new candidates were barely noticed with the Trumpster working the media.

Rank     Republican Candidate
   1        Donald Trump    +5
   2        Jeb Bush            ---
   3        Scott Walker      +3
   4        Ted Cruz            -4
   5        Rand Paul           -2
   6        Marco Rubio       -2
   7        Ben Carson        +1
   8        John Kasich       New
   9        Carly Fiorina      -2
 10        Rick Perry          +1
 11        Chris Christie     New
 12        Mike Huckabee   -3
 13        Bobby Jindal      New
 14        Rick Santorum    -3
 15        Lindsey Graham  -3
 16        George Pataki     New

Democrats:  Yes, Hillary still sits on her throne of course.  But, is her crown about to fall? Recent polling in battleground states shows her favorables dropping.  She is now trailing head to head match-ups versus Walker, Paul, and Bush in Colorado, Iowa and Virginia.  Bernie Sanders continues capturing old Obama donors, and packing 5,000-10,000 people at his rallies.  O'Malley, Webb and the other booble heads continue to flounder with little turnout at events, nor media attention.

Rank     Democrat Candidate
   1        Hillary Clinton       ---
   2        Bernie Sanders      ---
   3        Martin O'Malley      +1
   4        Jim Webb             +2
   5        Lincoln Chafee     --- 
   6        Elizabeth Warren  -3
   7        Joe Biden              ---

The American Maverick will provide periodic updates of how candidates are performing for their respective party nomination.  Candidates that have declared will have greater weighting.  Because you have to be in it, to win it.  All rankings consider how candidates jockey for attention, handle media stress and overall how they keep their message and candidacy at the forefront of American voters.

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