Monday, June 22, 2015


Well, well, what a pool of candidates we have now.  For the Republicans, candidates seem to be stumbling over themselves to announce their official bid for the Presidency.  While on the left, the Democrats are having internal eruptions with progressive discontent for Hillary.  

So, let's proceed with hashing out the latest American Mav rankings.

American Mav Power Rankings as of June 22, 2015:


Republicans:  The establishment's golden boy, moderate Jeb Bush finally made his big announcement.  You could hear a collected moan from millions of conservatives when Jebby kicked off his run.  Then, we had billionaire, TV guru Donald Trump through his whig into the pool of GOP hopefuls.  Trump's speech seemed to pass the initial conservative sniff test, but speculation remains if this big time realtor can make a serious run for the White House.  Of the existing candidates, Carly Fiorina performed very well amidst the heavy pool of testosterone ridden candidates.  Rubio had a little trouble managing negative publicity about his traffic tickets. Here's the way it looks for now:

Rank     Republican Candidate
   1        Ted Cruz           +4
   2        Jeb Bush           +2
   3        Rand Paul          ---
   4        Marco Rubio       -3
   5        Donald Trump   New
   6        Scott Walker      -4
   7        Carly Fiorina      +1
   8        Ben Carson         -1
   9        Mike Huckabee   ---
 10        Rick Perry           -2
 11        Rick Santorum    New
 12        Lindsey Graham  New

Democrats:  Oh boy, Hillary tried to jump start her campaign again on an island outside of New York City.  She did not get major traction.  Most networks carried her second attempt to declare.  The crowd in attendance was controlled.  And, the media was not allowed to photograph vacant parking lots and areas where there were not attendees.  On the progressive side of the Dem world, Bernie Sanders continues to draw large crowds for his speeches.  And, he is beginning to have a steady flow of campaign cash from progressives.  Meek little Lincoln Chafee made his announcement with little fanfare.(BOLD= declared candidate)

Rank     Democrat Candidate
   1        Hillary Clinton       ---
   2        Bernie Sanders      +1
   3        Elizabeth Warren    -1
   4        Martin O'Malley     -1
   5        Lincoln Chafee     New 
   6        Jim Webb              -1
   7        Joe Biden               -1

The American Maverick will provide periodic updates of how candidates are performing for their respective party nomination.  Candidates that have declared will have greater weighting.  Because you have to be in it, to win it.  All rankings consider how candidates jockey for attention, handle media stress and overall how they keep their message and candidacy at the forefront of American voters.

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