Wednesday, April 8, 2015


U.S. Senator Rand Paul, officially launched his campaign for President of the United States today in Louisville, Kentucky.  His campaign announcement will be followed by a multi-state tour to advance his message as a "Different kind of Republican."

Senator Paul delivered a message that appealed to those concerned about preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution.  Paul has been a strong defender of the Constitution.  Most notably with his 12+ hour filibuster in the U.S. Senate about protecting citizen's rights from big government overreach.  

Senator Paul certainly is a "Different King of Republican."  You see, many Republicans have a history of just saying no to liberal policies.  Rand Paul takes the policy conversation an important step further.  Paul continues to explain real, free market solutions to unleash our economy, health care, and energy resources.  With this solution based approach, Rand Paul is earning the hearts and minds of the American citizen that is hungry for a leader with a clear vision of opportunity for America.

Very similar to what Ronald Reagan did leading up to his Presidential campaign, Paul has spent the last several years speaking directly to minority organizations, tech companies, a long list of college campuses, and even union groups.  Rand Paul understands to win on a national level you must start a conversation with core constituencies to assemble a winning majority.  

Senator Paul will continue his launch visiting four key states in four days.  From Kentucky he heads to New Hampshire to deliver an address about the benefits of limited government.  Next he goes to South Carolina to speak about national defense from the deck of the U.S.S. Yorktown.  The following day he visits the University of Iowa campus for a big rally focusing on youth vote and the consequence of the feds $18 Trillion debt on future generations.  Finally, Rand will have a rally in Las Vegas to cap off his launch.

Visit Senator Paul's new campaign website:

Here is the official trailer from the Rand Paul for President campaign promoting his launch:  Click to view: 

"Defeat the Washington Machine, Unleash the American Dream"  - Rand Paul

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