Wednesday, April 8, 2015


As the Presidential race warms up, The American Maverick will begin periodic power rankings of candidates seeking the White House.

We will take a look at how the candidates are holding up to public scrutiny, the media and how miscues may have impacted their viability as a Presidential candidate. Candidates that have declared will be given greater weight in the ranking, because you've got to be in the race to win it.  This is not a scientific ranking, just the Maverick's point of view.

Republicans and Democrats will be ranked.  Not all individuals you may regard as candidates will be highly considered.  Those with a past history of toying, but not actually running will impact their ranking.

So, here we go!  Here's the initial...

 American Maverick 2016 Presidential Power Ranking

Republicans:  Ted Cruz jumped into a hornets nest of media with his announcement in Virginia.  Rand Paul had a well executed announcement with fairly considerate media treatment and a good first campaign tour to key states.  Rubio is to announce on April 13 in Florida.   Who knows what Jeb is thinking.  The rest are stammering for when or if they should hop into the fire.  (BOLD = declared candidate)

Rank     Republican Candidate
   1        Rand Paul
   2        Jeb Bush
   3        Scott Walker
   4        Ted Cruz
   5        Marco Rubio
   6        Ben Carson
   7        Rick Perry
   8        Carly Fiorina   

The rest of the GOP hopefuls:  Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, and Rick Santorum.

Democrats:  Hillary continues to drop the ball following her server dump and a subpoena from the Congressional Benghazi committee.  Regardless, her arrogance will push her into the race soon.  Other Dems have been jetting around the early primary/caucus states.  We'll see if they can muster enough cash to make a serious run on Hillary.

Rank     Democrat Candidate
   1        Hillary Clinton
   2        Elizabeth Warren
   3        Martin O'Malley
   4        Joe Biden
   5        John Kerry
   6        Jim Webb

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