Sunday, January 18, 2015


Maverick Media is excited to announce a great addition to the on-air talent for "The American Maverick Show".  Conservative activist Phillip Stucky starts as monthly segment co-host on January 18th.

Statement from Maverick Media President and talk host, Flint Engleman,
"Maverick Media is committed to advancing the conservative cause.  The addition of Phillip Stucky to our on-air talent is a fulfillment of our principle to promote young, conservative activism.  Phillip will provide perspective from the astute mind of a conservative leader who is actively working to curb big government and stop generational debt.  We welcome Phillip to Team American Maverick."
Phillip Stucky has been vocal of issues for a long-time in his young life.  At age 5, he was a young man that spoke for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to assure tough laws to protect drivers.  He continued by lobbying Florida legislators and then Governor Jeb Bush for stricter DUI and education laws.  Phillip currently is a fourth year at the University of Virginia.  Yes, a conservative on the Lawn.  He serves as Chair of AEI's Executive Council as well as Assistant Editor of the Virginia Advocate.  He continues as a campus activist for Truth Revolt and as UVA Chair for Americans for Prosperity.

Stucky will contribute on-air as monthly co-host the third Sunday of each month on News Talk 107.5 FM WCHV.  In addition, he will be available for remote broadcasts for such events like CPAC, and other special on-location shows.

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