Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Millions of right leaning Americans chalk up a major victory for the election of 2014.  From what became a wave election,  the Grand Old Party took control of the U.S. Senate, made historic gains in the House and was victorious with Gubernatorial races as well.  

What legions of Republicans needed was a check down on the pulse of America.  And this election proved to be the remedy.  Since losing the Senate in 2006, the Presidency in 2008 & 2012 as well as previous losses in Governor races, this was a stark signal that America is standing strong against the policies of the left.

American voters were fed up with Harry Reid tactics of keeping legislation from moving to the President.  Remember, Harry Reid kept over 300 House bills from a vote in the Senate.  Citizens voted for action.  To get government moving with purpose, reform and respect of the Constitution.  Specific policy changes voters expected based on exit polling included:  drastic reform/repeal of Obamacare, economic reform by reducing government regulation, energy policy (Keystone XL), and immigration reform with border control as the priority.

Republicans must understand the opportunity that citizens have granted them in the Senate, House and statehouses.  My take is that this is not necessarily a mandate for the GOP to push a right wing agenda. 

However, America did give Republicans an opportunity to govern and a chance to prove future worthiness for the election of 2016.  Republicans must act prudently with legislation.  The first flurry of bills advanced to Obama will be important.  Should Obama become a veto robot, then the GOP will most likely benefit from continued public support.  After leading bills to repeal Obamacare, and control the border, the Republican led Congress will be in position to challenge Obama's veto pen on bi-partisan legislation such as approving the Keystone XL pipeline, targeted repeal of elements of Obamacare, and economic reforms.  Hence, the more the GOP can keep the scorn on Barack Obama and the left over the next two years, the greater chance the Republicans will have a chance at the White House in 2016.

Republicans will now be able to move legislation freely between the House and Senate, and to the President's desk.  This is an important step to reverse the log jam of bills created for six years by Harry Reid and the Democrats.  And, to reverse the overall negative sentiment of the public regarding Congress.  The ire and scrutiny of Americans will now move from Capitol Hill and onto Barack Obama.  Should Obama whip out his pen and veto bill after bill,  America will then see Obama and the Democrats continuing to act as juveniles while the Republicans are working as adults to correct government policy.

Now let's look at that Republican election stampede.  Yes, this was tremendous for federal and state victories.  Here's the latest results:
  • U.S. Senate:  Republicans gain 8 seats over the Democrats. (53-46 seats)  The GOP will take control of the Senate in January.  Establishment Republican Mitch McConnell is rumored to be the Majority leader.  Also, Republicans will now take control of all committee chairmanships in the Senate.  Plus, the GOP has another chance to gain another seat versus incumbent, Democrat Mary Landrieu with a December 6 Louisiana run-off election favoring Republican Bill Cassidy.
  • U.S. House:  The GOP gains 12 seats over the Democrats.  (244-184 seats)  This is near historic levels in the House for Republicans.  In fact, the most seats controlled since President Harry Truman.  In addition, there are four Congressional races that remain too close to call and will likely go to recount.  The sentiment in the House is for establishment Boehner to hold on as Speaker of the House.  Although, there will likely be a shake up of the other House leadership positions with members seeking more conservative leaders as Majority Leader, Whip and Conference Committee chair.
  • State Governor:  Perhaps, the most under reported story of the election of 2014.  Republicans now control 31 of 50 Governor positions in America.  This is a three seat gain over the Democrats.  Other side stories include Republicans winning as Governors for quite liberal states including:  Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois and Maryland.  Also, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker triumphed over the Democrat candidate after tens of millions of leftist campaign money flowed into Wisconsin.  Walker defeated liberal Mary Burke 52-46.
Bottom line:  Now is the time to gather our resolve as conservatives and for those elected to work to the betterment of this Republic.  And, this is the time for Americans to remain engaged on the issues and hold our elected officials accountable.  

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