Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Questions have arisen as Barack Obama, White House administration and the mainstream media, switch up their rhetoric referring to the extreme, terrorist Muslim army in Syria and Iraq as ISIL.

Sometimes history reveals the agenda of the politician.  Let's explore a little background of our current situation and some history.

Most have referred to this terrorist army as I.S.I.S. - the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.  ISIS now has over 20,000 terrorist soldiers that hold positions in Northern Iraq and Northeastern Syria.  They also have seized some key border locations near Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

I.S.I.L. stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.  Geographically, we know about Iraq.  What is the Levant?

The Levant is an ancient geographical region that encompasses the area between Turkey and Israel.  This area includes the nations of: Cyprus, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and the Palestinian state.  In addition, it includes portions of Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.  

Levant has curious word origins.  Most interesting is Levant's french origin of "rising".  Other Latin and Mediterranean origins speak of the "rise of native nations".

When you converge history, geography and reality, we are looking at the formation of an Islamic State or caliphate.

Let's define caliphate.  Or, in Arabic khilafa.  A caliphate is an Islamic state led by a religious or political leader.  A caliphate represents a sole, sovereign state of the entire Muslim faith.

The acronym ISIS has been used widely by heads of state and global media.  So, why is Barack Obama using the term ISIL referring to the Levant?  

Harken back to the several speeches Obama made throughout the Levant early in his first term as President.  He made several assurances he would "heal" divisions created by the West with Muslims.  And, he would actively work to "promote" the Muslim culture featuring its innovations and role on the World stage.

This leads to recent questions of the intent of Barack Obama. 

How brave are you to connect the dots of history and the actions of this administration?  Fringe conspirators say Obama may be using the term ISIL as code word to extremists.  Almost an acknowledgement of their progress and his passivity to allowing their foothold in the Levant.  What say you?

Additionally, one must consider the cold relationship initiated early in Obama's term versus Israel.  Do not forget the estranged news conferences with Obama and Israel's Netanyahu.  Nor the frosty, recent negotiations involving John Kerry's antics to favor Hamas versus our ally, Israel. With the Levant including Israel, is the use of ISIL another code word facilitating the future consumption of Israel by this terrorist army?

How far shall we reach for a possible answer about the intent of Barack Obama?

Bottom line:  It all comes down to you, the American citizen.  And, how informed you choose to be about America and our role in the world.  Whether you accept the premise that our government is breaking its covenant with God and the Constitution, all boils down to what you can stomach for the last two years of Obama's Presidency.

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