Thursday, September 25, 2014


News flash, turbulent U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced his resignation pending appointment of his replacement.  

Perhaps the Constitution can breathe a little easier with the news.  Or, is there more to the role of Eric Holder?

Holder steps down after serving for six years as U.S. Attorney General.  He was also the first black A.G. in America.  And, in 2012, Holder was the first A.G. to be charged with criminal contempt by Congress.

What's there to say about Holder's term as A.G.?  Plainly, he served as a tool of Barack Obama.  Many within the Washington beltway referred to Holder as Obama's "Enforcer".  When Obama wanted to attack the 2nd Amendment, Holder was involved with the Fast & Furious arms scandal between the U.S. border and Mexico.  When Obama needed the DOJ to look the other way when the IRS targeted Tea Party and other conservative groups, Eric complied and facilitated the process.  When Holder was called to Capitol Hill to testify, Holder held the line to protect the administration and Obama from Congressional probes.  When immigration enforcement needed support from the Justice Department, Holder would subvert the Constitution and States rights to encourage border jumping.  And, more recently, Holder took a role in interjecting the race card by the Justice Department with the riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

The list goes on and on with Holder's contempt for the Constitution.

Now why would Eric Holder bow out now?  After building all this allegiance to Obama and being a central player to many of Obama's power moves.  There are three possible reasons:
  • Holder Knows What Is Coming.  Obama has signaled he will push broad amnesty after the November 4th Election.  This would be a titantic flood of immigrants over the border and many into the Justice system.  A recent report confirmed there are approximately 41 Million illegal immigrants in America.  
  • Impeachment.  With Holder's involvement in so many lured Obama dealings, he may be getting out before the Republicans take over the U.S. Senate.  The House has already cited him with criminal contempt for obstruction of justice.  With the possibility of a Republican led Senate in 2015, the prognosis for Holder's impeachment would be likely.
  • Supreme Court Nomination.  As Fox News reported, there are new rumblings about Obama pushing Holder to be a Supreme Court nominee.  Actually, this has been long reported since 2012.  Aging and ill, 81-year old Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been "pressured" into stepping down from SCOTUS.  With the U.S. Senate still in control by Harry Reid and the Democrats during the lame duck session, a forced nomination process could facilitate Eric Holder's nomination.  Remember, Harry Reid changed Senate rules that require less than a super majority votes for federal court appointments.

Only time will tell about Holder's exit plan.  For now conservatives can enjoy the salvation of seeing Holder tossed out of Obama's machine.  Truly a victory for the right and a win for the Constitution.

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