Friday, June 6, 2014


For voters of Virginia's Seventh Congressional District, the June 10th Republican primary sets the stage between a showdown of the Republican establishment represented by Eric Cantor versus conservative grassroots, economist Dave Brat.

An unsettled economy, boundless beltway cronyism, health care on the brink, foreign policy a bust and a $17.5 Trillion national debt.  What more could motivate voters to turn out to voice their dissatisfaction with one of Washington's power players?

Eric Cantor:  Cantor represents tremendous power.  Political power as dominant as any on Capitol Hill.  He controls bills, controls much of the Republican leadership, and is the axis of political cash on the right.  Cantor's rise to power has cleaved his connection with constituents.  He has betrayed his conservative claim by repeatedly voting for higher debt ceiling and actively pushing amnesty as a core component of immigration reform.  His coziness with beltway, power lobbyists has turned a cold shoulder on the voters who mindlessly return him to the House every two years.  Now serving as Congressman for twelve years.  He gerrymandered the 7th district to protect him from Democrats and conservative insurgents.  His war chest of campaign cash is staggering.  

Dave Brat:  Dave Brat represents the conservative base of the 7th district.  As an economist, the man is very astute of the state of our nation's finances and challenges to job growth.  He breathes conservatism on every level.  From a strong national defense to limiting the role of government to assuring our national sovereignty through immigration reform without amnesty.  On Obamacare, Dave Brat is committed to a full repeal followed by using free market solutions to reinvigorate our health coverage.  Negatives, he is up against the tip of the spear of Republican power and is at a significant disadvantage for campaign cash.  Nonetheless, he has the chutzpah to go into the belly of the beltway beast and stand strong on his principles.

So, most think Cantor has this in the bag, right?  All that power, all the campaign money to muscle through the primary.  

Not so fast!  Grassroots Republicans and conservatives alike have felt ignored, trampled and betrayed by a hulking Republican establishment for years.  And, now with the likes of John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, and, yes, Eric Cantor caving into almost every whim of Obama and Harry Reid, the stage is set for the grassroots right to throw a wrench into the GOP's machine.

Think of the wake up call for the establishment with Dave Brat defeating Cantor.  This would set off major quakes within the beltway.  From the GOP leadership to K Street lobbyists, their power broker Eric would be out of the loop and returning home to Glen Allen.  

Is Cantor worried about a primary defeat?  Based on his campaign's $2+ Million dollar negative assault on Dave Brat, the answer is yes.  Cantor typically ignores candidates.  Yet, he has unleashed a slew of propaganda via mail, internet and media buys to paint Dave Brat in the negative.  

Cantor has thrown almost everything at Dave Brat.  Yet, Brat's momentum and conservative swagger continues to connect with voters from Culpeper to Richmond.

Bottom line:  So, the question.  Will the grassroots right turn out on June 10th to term limit Cantor and send a shot over the bow of the establishment?  We will soon see.  Now, it's up to the voters of the 7th to make it happen.

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