Wednesday, March 5, 2014


So how's it going for the Grand Old Party?  Not too well for the past decade.  Republicans have been spinning their wheels for far too long without gaining any traction.  The result?  The Democrats and the far left are running circles around the Republicans.  And, they are winning not just on Election Day, but with significant policy shift on the national, state and local level.  With our country on the edge, now is the time for Republicans to be bold and take the gloves off versus the left.

For decades the Republicans have been known for always taking the higher road and not stooping to the tactics of the left.  Yes, the right prides itself on being the high and mighty.  Now, the 'I'm too good for that...' party is showing it's age.  

Previous Republican Presidential candidates have failed to go toe to toe versus Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.  Think back to campaigns from 1992 to 2012.  The left hit Republicans hard and unrelenting with targeted commercials to media domination to grassroots coordination.  Republican candidates failed to have an effective counter punch that connected with the American voter.

Unfortunately, the Republican National Committee and a vast majority of State GOP organizations are still plodding along with election planning and methods that are decades old.  From dated communications plans to fragmented field operations to antiquated technology, the right needs a tactical overhaul. 

Let me be clear.  The right needs to hold firm on principles.  Yet, their campaign operations and party structure needs serious change. 

Not only has this impacted the RNC and state committees from winning, this has created despair and frustration among their grassroots base.  

Okay, enough of the heaving on the GOP.  Let's look under the hood and see what positive solutions can be implemented to bring victory for the right.

Communications.  If the left swings, then swing back.  Too long have Republicans turned their cheek.   The left is highly effective with pushing a concise message into the media on all levels.  Republicans from Capitol Hill to local units need to be media savvy and pro-active.  This will take some time and a lot of coordination to have a rapid, unified response that permeates the left leaning media.  

Grassroots Field Operations.  Leftist groups, such as Organizing for Action (OFA), have established year round state by state grassroots operations for over a decade.  This should be very concerning for the right.  The left has embedded themselves in communities with strong ability to mobilize voters.  The right has not responded except for the tremendous efforts of Americans for Prosperity.  The RNC and State party's need to establish the same year round presence of field staff in battleground states right away.  A national state by state plan should be the long-term objective.

Technology.  The left has dominated this area more than any other.  They invested millions in tech talent, software and hardware to gain a strong advantage with voter information.  This has put Republicans at a severe disadvantage from generating donations and getting out the vote.  In 2013, the RNC took steps to begin this tech turnaround, but it will take time to create, test and implement programs to make a difference.

Candidates.  When it comes down to it, you must have a candidate that can win and stand on conservative principles.  Republican candidates need to effectively articulate their message through the media and to voters.  Candidates must commit to a comprehensive campaign that involves grassroots mobilization, smart use of social media, and tactful use of the media to maintain their message while exposing the left.

These are but a few of the most important areas necessary for the right to effectively fight back.  But time is of the essence to restore core American values and assert the Constitution.

Many wonder if the Republican establishment will make the necessary changes to 'right the ship'.  Grassroots GOP activists from all over the country are clamoring for their party to pull its head out of the sand and take on the left.

So, the question remains:  Will the right take off the gloves?  

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