Wednesday, January 1, 2014


First of all, Happy New Year to all!  May 2014 bring you happiness and prosperity throughout the year.

As we enter 2014, The American Maverick is dusting off his crystal ball and unearthing wisdom beyond the horizon.  Here's our call on five relative occurrences that will have an impact on the new year.

Acting as an oracle in this day of electronics and data crunching may strike you as a bit off.  Yet, The American Maverick draws upon trends in politics and news that very well could set off a political jolt or societal nudge that could make its mark on America and beyond.

Here's The American Maverick's Predictions for 2014:
  • Stock Market Skid - Leading up to 2014, the market was over-inflated with the Fed pumping in over $75 Billion per month.  A pace that cannot be sustained, economically.  With stock valuations trending well above what the market can stomach, look for a sharp correction.  Perhaps a decline of 3,000-5,000 points.  
  • Obamacare Unravels - A government health care system that depended on millions of new premium paying patients to fund its operation, will have a serious reality check.  Revenues will not be enough to pay for the "Affordable Care Act".  Millions of Americans will continue to have their policies cancelled and find they cannot afford insurance.  You will see more and more businesses end health insurance coverage for employees.  Obama will feel the Democrats run from support of the law due to a big Congressional election year.  As the Obama administration tries to tweak insurance standards the insurance industry will rebel against Obamacare with lawsuits and pressure on Congress to repeal the law.  
  • Republicans Control the U.S. Senate -  In November, the Republicans will win the majority of seats in the United States Senate.  There are many scenarios in multiple states where Republican candidates will have a strong chance for victory.  Conservatively, I see the GOP taking only a two seat lead in the Senate.  This move will remove Harry Reid from blocking House legislation as well as prevent the Democrats from approving far left Supreme Court appointees.
  • Problems for Pope Francis - This is my edgy, societal prediction of the year.  Rumblings from within the Catholic church may expose some of now Pope Francis' former involvement with Chile's Operation Condor.  Then, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, took part in hiding and selectively informing of dissidents in Argentina.  Should the mainstream media or Catholic core exploit the Pope's past, this issue could scar Pope Francis' papacy.
  • Supreme Court Takes Action Against the NSA - In 2013, the left and right agreed the National Security Agency was beyond its authority to conduct data mining operations on 330 Million Americans.  With the lawsuits issued last year by lawyers from both political ideologies, you can bet the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) justices will concur on taking action.  In 2014, SCOTUS will issue a series of decisions that will clearly define what is considered national security.  And, what the federal government will/will not be allowed to collect citizens information.
So, that's The American Maverick's crystal ball prognostication for 2014.  We'll revisit the predictions from time to time on our radio show on WCHV.  For now, keep these in mind as news unfolds throughout the new year.

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