Sunday, November 24, 2013


Last week I had the rare opportunity to interview Walid Shoebat live on "The American Maverick Show".  This was that moment when you ask yourself do I really want to talk to a former terrorist?  Or, do I want my listeners to know from a credible source what is happening in the Middle East?  Thankfully, the talk host side won the battle.

Walid Shoebat is a former PLO terrorist who allied with the Muslim Brotherhood.  He had primary knowledge of many operations through the 1980's-'90's.  He came to a remarkable realization that his actions were a threat to his ability to support his family.  His faith had crossed him and his love for family.  Walid decided to turn to journalism to expose the radical elements of Islam.  After several books on his former dark background, Walid fully converted to Christianity.  And, rebuked his faith that was wrapped into terrorism.  

Walid speaks carefully to the American media.  With interviews typically given on Fox News, CNN, Michael Savage radio, and other select media platforms.  That is why our interview was a rarity.

What was Walid like during the interview?  He was passionate about exposing the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism.  He delivered sound information that you will not hear in America's main stream media.  

He has so much background that a ten minute interview could never provide him due time.  I let him talk.  Sometimes that is the best interview you can give.  He knows the info he needs to deliver, so I let him roll.

What key issues did Walid talk about?  I brought him on to expose how the Middle East is tired of the Obama administration.  Walid spoke at length how Egypt had not only repulsed the Muslim Brotherhood, but had also told the Obama administration to leave Egypt alone.  He continued about how the media in the Middle East is actively talking about how the American President is interfering with the affairs of many countries including Libya.  Networks like Al Jazeera will bash Obama on-air in the Middle East, but will not do so on their same networks in Europe or North America.

Additionally, Walid talked about the involvement Barack Obama's extended family that resides in Africa and the Middle East.  They have taken an integral role in many of the aspects of the Muslim Brotherhood and the radical element of Islam.  This again was something the American press would not report.  

Listen to the full interview with Walid Shoebat via this link.  His interview is at the half way point of the following recording.  Click to listen>

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