Monday, August 5, 2013


Gun owners take notice!  Round two of the left's gun control push is under way.  This time its a national effort with your local U.S. Congressman and Senator in the crosshairs.

First a little background.  Were you aware that Barack Obama did not completely dismantle his political machine in all 50 states?  After the 2012 election, Obama's political operation called Organizing for America (or Organizing for Action) simply laid off most all of its workers, yet retained a core staff in every state.  This group now works to inform and pressure the public to support Obama's policies.  Organizing for America also works the media to keep his policies in the forefront of the public narrative.

Why mention this in regards to gun control?  Because gun owners, Obama has activated organizing workers to ramp up the heat about gun control in all 50 states.  Beginning this month, Organizing for America and Organizing for Action (OFA) field offices will be working their community supporters to stir them up about pressuring their Congressional Representative and Senator to back new, strong gun control laws.  

What laws are they pushing?  Well, the same laws that they failed to pass in the Spring.  Including the "assault weapon" ban, restrictions on ammunition, broad federal monitoring of weapons purchases and more.

Strategically OFA will be elevating their message leading up to a major protest.  On August 21, OFA intends to hold protests at local Congressman offices throughout America.  They also will be increasing calls to Congressman and Senators offices to press on them to back strong gun control legislation.  This is part of a broader plan to take control of the U.S. House of Representatives in 2014.

So the heat is coming, what can gun owners do to counter this movement?

The answer is to make your voice.  The voice that defends the Second Amendment ring loud and clear to the same elected officials that OFA is targeting.  So, write a letter, set a meeting with your representative, and/or call them to express your support for them to back the rights provided under the Constitution.

Here's a two-minute video from the political wing of the National Rifle Association.  They discuss the details of Obama and the left's plan to pressure your representatives.  And, how you can respond.  Click to watch here>>>

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