Saturday, August 17, 2013


Time to take action to oppose a portion of Obamacare which will impact the Commonwealth of Virginia.  A Virginia commission will soon make the decision to expand Medicaid in the state.  Their decision has consequences that will degrade care for the needy and take more money from taxpayers.

Background:  The Virginia General Assembly formed the Medicaid Innovation and Reform Commission (MIRC) to determine if the Commonwealth should approve Medicaid expansion. The MIRC is composed of appointed Virginia State Senators and Delegates.  State Senator Emmett Hanger serves as the chairman.  Here is the link to the MIRC website>>>

Expansion of Medicaid would have a negative impact in three ways.  
  1. The Medicaid system is currently broken.  Expanding the program would cripple patient access.  Patients who need assistance the most are already being turned away by their physician of choice.  In fact, one in four doctors no longer will accept Medicaid patients.  The expansion would also limit the level of care and medical procedures for the most needy.   Medicaid expansion is part of the buy-in to Obamacare.  Virginia's expansion would implicate our dependency on federal Medicaid directives and policies under the "Affordable Care Act".
  2. The long-term taxpayer expense would be staggering.  The tax burden would further impact generations of Virginians already facing a large federal and personal debt load.  
  3. Another real concern is how Medicaid financing occurs.  To jump to the point, states consort with health care providers charging fees when collecting funds, then charge the federal government (taxpayers) for a excessive, premium reimbursement.  Bottom line: Medicaid operates like a "ponzi-scheme" to negotiate reimbursement which drains more of your tax money from federal coffers.
The MIRC is set to take action soon on Medicaid expansion.  The commission first met in June, will meet on August 19th, and finally in October.

Now it is time to take action!  Here is a link to the list of Senators and Delegates serving on the commission as well as access to their phone number.  Please select this link and click on the members names to obtain their phone number.  Here's the MIRC member listing>>>

Please take time to voice your opinion.  Dial up members of the commission and let them know your position on Medicaid expansion. 

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