Sunday, July 14, 2013


Over the last five to eight years, Republicans seem to have lost their way.  Their ability to communicate to voters.  Their commitment to conservative principles..  

Following the defeat of the 2012 election, Republicans were seen soul searching for how we can turn things around to motivate voters to become engaged and vote for Republican candidates.

The establishment of the Grand Old Party said we needed to change.  To appeal to more Americans with a kinder, gentler message.  

Well this approach by establishment Republicans is precisely why voters are not responding to Republican candidates.  The last campaign was a prime example of how there is a blurring of principles.  Citizens did not see why they should make a effort if the candidates all appear to be part of the same message, the same old story of lots of talk, no action from the Capitol beltway.

Voters are frustrated, tired and in many regards have given up on their role in electing candidates.  

Americans are looking for candidates and a party that stands behind principles they can count on.  America needs to hear a clear differentiation why the Republican party embodies the principles that align with citizens.  

Last November over three million conservative voters stayed home on Election Day.  They were disheartened by the 2008 McCain campaign debacle and were further marginalized with weak messaging in 2012.  Post election surveys clearly stated these voters did not hear the conservative principles that brought them into the Republican party.  

Conservative principles are exactly what this nation needs to mend its wounds and return this Republic to world stature.  Principles that our founders espoused.  Freedom, thrift, protecting our sovereignty, capitalism, and rule by law with the Constitution, are this country's, this conservative movement's foundations for liberty.

No one could say it better than President Ronald Reagan.  Here is his famous speech reminding Republicans how "Bold colors" will define our party, not "Pale pastels".  View his speech>

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