Saturday, July 20, 2013


Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli shows his knowledge and expertise to address key issues facing Virginians in the first debate for Virginia Governor versus former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe.  Cuccinelli and McAuliffe squared off during the debate hosted by the Virginia Bar Association at the Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, Virginia.

Throughout the debate it was clear Ken Cuccinelli had a firm, relative grasp on what Virginians expect and what they are most concerned about.  Cuccinelli spoke about his plan to create jobs and to help grow businesses in Virginia.  He expressed what he is hearing from business owners about how federal regulations are stifling job growth.  He discussed how Virginians are worried about the economy while Terry McAuliffe resorts to glad handing bureacrats.

Cuccinelli spoke about the big impact Obamacare is having on Virginia.  He talked about how Virginian's insurance premiums have dramatically increased during a period of time when many are struggling to meet current expenses.  In addition, he talked about how the Obamacare mandates on employers are effecting job growth.  The surge in new insurance costs are preventing businesses from expanding or creating new jobs.

Big Government.  If there was a theme of the debate this was it.  Ken Cuccinelli identified with the hearts and minds of Virginians.  To keep government small and to maximize their ability for prosperity.  To protect individual rights and not let federal government mandates stifle Virginia's economy.

On the other hand, Terry McAuliffe embraced, loved and oozed having big government control Virginia's destiny.  He spoke how he used a immigration loophole called EB-5 to prop up cash for his failed GreenTech company in Mississippi.  He talked about how signing onto Obamacare's Medicaid exchange would bring in cash, but he failed to mention how Medicare was being devastated.  He continued to state how connected he was with federal insiders.  All to treat Virginia like another back room deal to cut with his Washington buddies.

Bottom line.  Ken Cuccinelli triumphed over McAuliffe.  Cuccinelli demonstrated how he is for Virginia, while Terry McAuliffe will undermine the Commonwealth by greasing the palms of Washington insiders.

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