Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Americans for Prosperity launched a $1 Million advertising campaign today to uncover the facts about Obamacare.  AFP will have a series of commercials to provide education about the President's health care plan and many pitfalls of consequence to American citizens.

Americans for Prosperity has been at the forefront in opposition to Obamacare mandates that undermine Medicaid.  This is another strong effort by America's premiere grassroots organization to repeal and replace the "Affordable Care Act".  

Dave Schwartz, AFP State Director in Virginia stated, 
"AFP is fully committed to stopping Obamacare.  This television ad coincides with our grassroots efforts to stop a large part of Obamacare in the Commonwealth – Medicaid expansion. Unless the legislative committee stops Medicaid expansion, thousands of families who barely make ends meet will be thrown into a broken system that offers fewer choices and poorer health outcomes. It’s not fair and it’s wrong."
The new TV ad, called “Questions,” features the story of Julie, a mother of two who started paying close attention to her family’s healthcare options after her son began having seizures. The threat of shrinking options, higher premiums, and Washington bureaucrats making healthcare decisions leaves her with serious concerns about ObamaCare. The TV ad begins airing in heavy rotation on broadcast and cable networks in Virginia and Ohio.

View the new AFP ad, "Questions" here>> http://youtu.be/XOMAuo4C8kk

The public is encouraged to seek more information regarding Obamacare at the website - ObamaCareRiskFactors.com.  The site provides a look at how Obamacare will directly impact your access to health care under the new law.  Most mandates of the law are set to go into effect by the end of this year.

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