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Every conservative has their favorite talk show host.  From Limbaugh to Levin, each has a distinct style and show format that appeals to the hearts and minds of America's conservatives.

Talk has evolved a bit since the early days of Limbaugh.  Twenty years ago there were a hand full of good right of center talkers on the radio.  Diverging radio markets and radio industry movement has opened the lid for a new wave of conservative talkers.  The blend between the old stalwart styles and fresh alternative talkers gives listeners great variety and perspective on issues.

The American Maverick has selected the top national conservative talk show hosts for your consideration.  It  is a short list.  And some will be shocked who is not listed.  However, our picks deliver what we consider the best all around format to help conservative listeners receive the best, consistent and time worthy information.  The three key components to our rankings are timeliness of news, perspective and foresight on  hot topics, and personality to reach all conservatives and liberty minded citizens.  Links are provided to access all broadcasts online or to locate a local radio affiliate.

The American Maverick's Top 10 National Conservative Talk Show Hosts

#1 Mark Levin.  Mark's show is focused on news and politics that is relevant.  His commentary and life experiences provide context and vision on conservatism, like no other.  His show is available in all radio markets as well as online on various applications.  Monday-Friday 6:00pm-9:00pm Eastern.

#2  Dana Loesch.  Check her out!  A real, fresh conservative talent ready to go every day with a great show format that is fast paced, jam packed with info and timely, top-shelf guests.  Dana broadcasts on FM Talk 97.1 out of St. Louis.  Access the Dana Loesch Show online on Tune-In and other applications.  Monday-Friday 1:00-4:00pm Eastern.

#3  Rush Limbaugh.  You cannot ignore Rush's long dominance over the airwaves.  However, his self obsession and show format limit what right of center listeners need.  Specifically, his lack of guests limits his ability to bring pertinent news makers to the air.  On the air Monday-Friday Noon-3:00pm Eastern.

#4 Lars Larson.  Lars' powerful voice along with his on the spot dialog about key issues facing America bring conservatives the insight they desire.  His strong support of the Second Amendment and knowledge of the gun industry are second to none.  Enjoy his national show Monday-Friday 6:00-9:00pm Eastern.

#5  Tony Katz. Tony is a great talk show talent that wholeheartedly deserves a larger national presence.  Tony provides the character to keep you engaged and political coverage that conservatives love.  Weekdays 6:00-8:00am Central.

#6  David Webb.  David's direct approach to politics and great dialog all surround a solid format for listeners.  He talks politics from a Tea Party frame of mind that provides a fresh point of view versus stale talk.  His show is solely on Sirius XM satellite radio Monday-Friday 9:00-Midnight Eastern.

#7  Bill Cunningham.  Listen to "The Great American" Sunday evenings for the latest in news and politics over the weekend.  Bill has great guests and content to keep you informed for the week ahead.  Sundays 10:00-Midnight Eastern.

#8  Mike Gallagher.  Spry, quick witted and conservative.  Mike delivers a great show every day with  a good dose of humor to break the monotony of other shows.  Monday-Friday 9:00am-Noon Eastern.

#9 Kevin Jackson.  Tune in to "The Black Sphere" weeknights with Kevin.  Kevin's quick thinking and on the mark monologues inform and engage conservatives.  He's another fresh, conservative talker to check out.  Monday-Friday 9:00pm-Midnight Eastern.

#10  Michael Savage.  The American "flame thrower of truth".  Dr. Savage will tell it right like it is whether you agree or not.  His striking perspective commands your attention.  Listen to the Savage Nation, Monday-Friday.

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