Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Remember four years ago when newly inaugurated President Barrack Obama made commitments for his administration?  He pledged his administration would be the most "transparent" in American history.  Obama talked about his open door approach to government.  How hearings on health care reform would be on C-SPAN?  How the White House would use technology to let citizens know what their government was up to?

Well the gig is up President Obama.  Time and again your administration has used secrecy and cover-up to side step serious questions of citizens and their representatives in Congress.  The promise of government "transparency" has been shattered.  Measures taken by your authority has shaken the trust of the public.  And, given rise to the further detriment of the state of our nation.

Time for a look at what this administration has stirred up.  And, whether they like it or not, will be held accountable to the American people.

Barrack Obama's Top Scandals and Thuggery:
  • Operation Fast & Furious:  The White House and Attorney General Eric Holder stone walled Congress' investigation about the release of arms by federal agents into Mexico.  Congress placed Eric Holder under contempt charges for his contradictions.  To this day, these arms have been used by cartels to advance drug trafficking and kill civilians.
  • Obamacare:  Yes, this is scandalous.  Obama explicitly stated he would hold open hearings about his health care proposal.  Obamacare was rammed through a Democrat controlled House and Senate.  Democrat Harry Reid held the final vote on Christmas Eve when Americans were focused on the holiday.  Democrat Nancy Pelosi stated they would have to vote on the bill before the public would know what was in it.  Well, the problem was a vast majority of Congress was unaware of what Obamacare would unleash on America.  America will hit the roof in 2014 when mandates kick in.
  • Benghazi-gate:  Obama was AWOL when decisions needed to be made to rescue Ambassador Stevens, two Navy Seals and a State Department staffer in Libya.  Congress has exposed many facts that lead to orders from the Executive branch for the military to stand down any rescue efforts.  The administration continues to shield over 20 State Department staffers that were at the U.S. Consulate during the attack on September 11, 2012.  Also, do not forget that Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State during this period.
  • Hurricane Sandy-gate:  Obama promised to cut through government red tape to get funding for shelter and provisions to those impacted by the hurricane.  To this day there are thousands of Americans in New Jersey and New York coastal areas who have yet to receive funds from FEMA to provide housing.  Where is the media scrutiny as was the case with hurricane Katrina?
  • Oppression of the Press:  The Department of Justice took measures to watch and intimidate members of the press.  Under the guise of national security, Eric Holder authorized measures leading to the probing of many reporters of the Associated Press and Fox News.  The DOJ searched for judges to authorize wiretapping warrants to observe reporters business and personal communications.
  • IRS Targeting of Conservative Organizations:  Bipartisan hearings by the House and Senate have held hearings to investigate the IRS for intentionally restricting conservative based groups from receiving tax status.  IRS officials actually admitted targeting groups.  Ties to the White House are firming up.  Obama initially attempted to deflect any wrong on a small IRS office in Cincinnati. 
  • Sibelius-gate:  You probably did not hear about this in the mainstream media.  Congressional hearings concluded that Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sibelius broke federal law for campaigning and fundraising for political candidates while in a official capacity in 2012.
  • Privacy-gate:  Measures taken by the White House re-authorized and expanded the ongoing ability of the National Security Agency to track and record communications of American citizens.  A clear challenge to citizens rights under the Fourth Amendment to privacy and search and seizure.  NSA leaker Edward Snowden's revelations further exposed the power of big government to access civilian information.  The NSA continues to collect data on over 300 million Americans, everyday.  
Well, at least Nixon resigned.

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