Saturday, June 29, 2013


West Virginia's Joe Manchin's actions in the United States Senate are coming home to roost.  U.S. Senator Joe Manchin took the lead pushing aggressive gun control legislation to become federal law.  Now, the state he represents is paying the price.  Gun manufacturer, Beretta, is scratching West Virginia from their search list to consider build a plant and bring jobs to the mountain state.

Manchin was one of the lead Democrats pushing gun control in the U.S. Senate.  He, along with other Senate anti-gun backers like New York's Chuck Schumer and California's Dianne Feinstein, was promoting gun control laws that many consider in opposition to the Constitution's Second Amendment. Manchin led a long series of press conferences and talk show appearances openly advocating gun control law.  The media coined the bill as the "Manchin-Toomey" gun control bill.

Both of West Virginia's U.S. Senators voted for the new gun control mandates that included a ban on "assault" weapons.  This includes Senator John Rockefeller, who is retiring after this term of office, and Senator Joe Manchin.

Now enter West Virginia's bid to attract firearms manufacturer, Beretta USA.

Beretta USA is one of the world's largest firearms manufacturers and is based in Maryland.  Under the push for stronger gun control measures by some states, like Maryland, gun manufacturers have been wooed by other states to move their facilities to bring in good paying jobs and robust tax revenue.  Some of Maryland's new laws are so stringent that they prevent some models of firearms from being assembled in their state.  Hence, Beretta USA has been looking to move and has been pursued by many "pro-gun" states like Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

West Virginia elected officials were actively working to attract Beretta USA.  They were competing with other states to bring hundreds of good paying jobs and strong tax revenue to wild wonderful West Virginia.  

Communications from elected officials and economic development authorities in West Virginia were sent to Beretta.  West Va's House Speaker, Rick Thompson (D), was one of many who sent letters to Beretta.  

A recent rejection letter from Beretta USA's General Counsel, Jeffrey Rey, was received by West Virginia's Hardy County Rural Development Authority.  The letter cites Joe Manchin's role in gun control as one of the lead factors in eliminating West Virginia from consideration for relocating their firearms facilities.

Here are a few excerpts from Beretta USA's letter:
"Before considering any other location for future expansion of any of our facilities we consider first the consistency with which a given State has supported Second Amendment rights."
"We also looked at the vote of federally-elected officials in the recent debate in Washington, D.C., regarding President Obama's efforts to restrict gun ownership by banning certain types of semi-automatic rifles and shotguns and by limiting magazine capacity for those who chose to use firearms for self-defense." 
"As a consequence of that analysis and especially due to Senator Manchin's recent legislative choices we have decided not to consider your State for our future plans of expansion."
"We know that anti-gun sentiments are not shared by everyone within your State (West Virginia).  But we are looking first and foremost for a widespread and stable place of political support in any potential location."
The full letter from Beretta USA>>>

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