Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Chopra's Telling Escalator Scene
Tuesday's Democrat primary in Virginia was a down moment for Aneesh Chopra.  Chopra was defeated by a surprising strong showing by Virginia State Senator Ralph Northam, the Democrat winner for the Lieutenant Governor nomination.

To some, it was a shocker.  Chopra had progressive credentials.  He laid out his technology work for Barack Obama and Tim Kaine in the forefront of his campaign pitch.  A multitude of progressives came out early with impressive endorsements.  He had that Obama smile and swag that seemed to say. Hey, I'm Obama's PC boy.  I'm your obvious choice.  Right, Democrats?

Northam gave Chopra a good primary spanking.  Winning by 12% over Obama, err Chopra.  What was interesting was Chopra's inability to clearly win in urban areas.  Especially Northern Virginia.  The Northern part of the Commonwealth has a heavy federal government population due to proximity to D.C.  You would think Aneesh would have a little edge, but no.

Chopra brought a lot of bucks to the campaign.  Chopra had a fortune raised versus Northam.  He had $1.9 million compared to Northam's $712k in campaign cash.  With that much cash, he had positioned his campaign for a run all the way to November.  Sorry Aneesh.

Well something wrong happened to Chopra's campaign escalator ride.  Was it his strong connection to Obama?  Considering all of the scandalous news oozing from the White House.  Was this too much for voters to swallow on primary day?  Even for Democrats?

Perhaps this is a glimmer of hope for the Commonwealth and America.  Chopra's connection as Obama's Technology Czar was ill timed with the NSA eavesdropping disclosure and other big government intrusions.  Maybe all of this was too much for the voters.  Has America had enough with progressives?  You could hear Virginia Democrats almost saying, Obama, your boy might know tech, but I don't want him trolling through our statehouse.

Oh, about the escalator reference.  Chopra featured a campaign commercial throughout major television markets the last week of the primary campaign.  Chopra spoke to the camera about his credentials while walking on a escalator.  At the end of the ad he said the Republicans wanted the Dems to lose.  Saying Dems can't let that happen.  Well, Aneesh you lost. So take your ride down with the other Chicago thugs of the White House.

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