Wednesday, May 15, 2013


"The American Maverick Predictor" emerges to make the early call for this week's highly anticipated Republican Party of Virginia Convention.  Virginia is one of two states (New Jersey) facing a Gubernatorial election in 2013.

The TAM Predictor is a feature of The American Maverick with a solid track record for accuracy.  In 2012, the TAM Predictor produced 92% accuracy calling the winner of political primaries in over 40 states.

Current, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is the sole candidate seeking the Republican nomination for Governor.  Cuccinelli will be running against former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe for Governor.

Nine candidates are seeking the republican nomination for two offices, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General, during this weekend's convention in Richmond, Virginia.

Seven candidates are seeking the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor.  Including:  Jeannemarie Davis, E.W. Jackson, State Delegate Scott Lingamfelter, State Senator Steve Martin, Pete Snyder, Fairfax County Supervisor Corey Stewart, and Stafford County Supervisor Susan Stimpson.

Two candidates seek the nomination for Virginia's Attorney General.  Including:  State Delegate Rob Bell and State Senator Mark Obenshain. 

The American Maverick Predictor selects business entrepreneur, Mr. Pete Snyder, to win the 2013 Republican nomination for Virginia's Lieutenant Governor.  

From the start, Pete Snyder's campaign machine has been running strong throughout the Commonwealth.  Pete has proven his message that connects with conservatives.  His principled stance on limiting the role of government and protecting our Constitutional liberties ring true.  Pete's positions will advance Virginia's economy, reduce spending, restore sound education, and pursue energy resources.

Honorable mention goes to Bishop E.W. Jackson.  E.W.'s campaign drew strong grassroots from throughout Virginia.  Much of his campaign was focused on solidifying his base and increasing his reach across rural Virginia.  He produced the most donors, however the cash totals did not follow to support his overall reach. 

Five of the seven LG candidates are from Northern Virginia.  Exceptions are E.W. Jackson and State Senator Steve Martin.  The Northern Virginia candidates will splinter the vote between them.  Despite attempts to capture large delegation votes from high populous counties, most candidates from Northern Virginia were not able to adequately reel in rural votes from the rest of the Commonwealth.  Pete Snyder was able to break through to run a true statewide campaign to connect with voters and gain Delegates.

The race for Virginia's Lieutenant Governor has been contentious over the past month.  A lot of mud slinging by candidates like Corey Stewart.  Stewart's admitted use of such tactics have reduced his like ability by RPV Convention Delegates.  Stewart's tactics backfired by uniting the rest of the LG candidates to counter his attacks on fellow Republicans.  

The American Maverick Predictor selects State Senator Mark Obenshain to win the 2013 Republican nomination for Virginia's Attorney General.

Senator Obenshain's message of protecting citizen liberties, enforcing rule of law and ability to communicate key, informed positions connected with Virginians.  His work over the years to author and produce key legislation to address pivotal issues in the General Assembly was evident.  Obenshain's ground work for the nomination throughout the Commonwealth will serve as a springboard to advance the Republican ticket in November.

Senator Obenshain's message and ability to connect with Delegates gave him the edge to surmount a very strong opponent, Delegate Rob Bell.  Both candidates produced strong credentials and similar positions on many issues.  The difference seemed to be Obenshain's deft ability to connect with voters.  In addition, his campaign team was highly effective with statewide communications and Delegate advocacy.

Here's a quick bullet about the TAM Predictor:  This call is not a endorsement.  This is not a scientific poll.  Our selections typically use polling data which we aggregate to determine a winner.  Public polling data has not been available to use for the RPV Convention candidates.  To determine our selections, we made judgement based on information obtained from Virginia political insiders and Republican unit chairs.


The commentary provided on and "The American Maverick Radio Show" are the remarks on behalf of Maverick Media and personal expression of Flint Engleman. In no way, are these statements on behalf of any other organization or political entity.

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