Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Terry McAuliffe likes a good deal.  As long as it greases his political aspirations or pads his back pocket.  When the soft underbelly of GreenTech was exposed, McAuliffe showed his true colors severing his ties to a string of corporate failures for his political expediency. 

Let's talk GreenTech.  GreenTech is a company set-up to build "environmentally sound" vehicles. GreenTech Chairman Terry McAuliffe stated his company would create 2,000 new jobs producing upwards of 10,000 electric cars by 2013.  To date, only about 50 jobs were produced and the company has not manufactured cars even close to McAuliffe's big numbers.

Where did GreenTech Chairman Terry McAuliffe build his production plant?  Mississippi.  What about Virginia?  McAuliffe jointly schmoozed Virginia and Mississippi to strike a deal for GreenTech.  However, McAuliffe claimed Virginia was not interested.  Politifact Virginia, which leans to the left, rated his claim about Virginia as FALSE.  Not very good news for McAuliffe now running for Governor in Virginia.

It's Terry McAuliffe's "Clinton connection" that drove his deal to Mississippi.  McAulliffe slicked a side deal to use the EB-5 immigration visa program to cut him a check to start GreenTech in Mississippi.  The EB-5 visa has a incentive package for businesses that pays out $500,000 to business developers.

McAuliffe reaped the windfall by using his strong connection with Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Notable "Clintonites" that advanced the EB-5 payoff includes: Gulf Coast Funds Management CEO Anthony Rodham (Hillary Rodham Clinton's brother), Clinton IRS Commissioner Margaret Richardson, and long-time Democrat and Clinton sympathizer, ex-Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco.

The falsehoods, contortions and salesmanship have been in high gear for Democrat McAuliffe.

McAuliffe has actively touted his "success" at GreenTech in "creating thousands of jobs".  That's what his campaign message has been.  Now, since the wheels have come off of the truth about his failure to produce jobs or cars, McAuliffe abruptly announces he left GreenTech back in December of 2012.  

Questions are circling like vultures on pecking apart McAuliffe's fake narrative as a qualified candidate for Virginia.  Here's a couple of good ones Terry "Clinton" McAuliffe needs to answer:
  • Is your management of GreenTech reflective of how you would lead the Commonwealth of Virginia?
  • On January 9, 2013, you spoke at a event where you were introduced as Chairman of GreenTech.  Why did you continue to use your title as Chairman when you "resigned" in December?
  • In a Democrat debate in May of 2009, you stated, "I have created great paying jobs with benefits.  I believe in profit-sharing.  So, I'll let my record stand there.  I have created thousands of jobs.  People know that."  Do you still stand by your record?
This is why McAuliffe's "Green Flop" can be considered his Achilles heel.  GreenTech was his way of racking up some clout as a business man and job creator.  Paving the way for a future political run.  McAuliffe would use the GreenTech story to serve as his basis to be a legitimate candidate for Virginia Governor.  Well, GreenTech flopped and so did his campaign message.  

The problem for McAuliffe is he does not have the background to be Governor.  McAuliffe is a money grubber and a Clinton crony.  His background is greasing back room deals that poured in the cash to the DNC and to elect Bill Clinton as President.  Terry is gifted at glad handing and teasing folks into political favor.  He's much more qualified to work as a campaign bundler for Hillary Clinton.  

For sure, McAuliffe's campaign bid for Virginia Governor needs a serious overhaul.


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