Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Progressive organization, Democracy for America (DFA), launches a campaign to promote
candidates to take away seats from conservative officials in Virginia.  The announcement was made by none other than former Democrat National Committee Chair Howard Dean.

This is Democracy for America's "Purple to Blue Project".  The project provides targeted resources to use tactical advertising and campaign tactics to undermine right of center elected officials.  DFA has successfully implemented this initiative in other states like Wisconsin.

Virginia conservatives should take notice.  As mentioned, Democracy for American has a proven success rate in taking out targeted candidates.  DFA takes a constant and sustained approach to tearing down a conservative and interjecting their preferred progressive left candidate.  

The Purple to Blue Project will target at least five conservative seats in Virginia's legislature in 2013.  DFA's Howard Dean and project Director, Nick Passanante, announced two of their five candidates.  John Bell will go after the 87th Virginia House of Delegates seat currently held by Republican David Ramadan.  Jennifer Boysko will target the 86th Virginia House of Delegates seat held by Republican Tom Rust.  Passanante stated their remaining three candidates would be announced in the coming weeks.

Howard Dean announced initial funding of $750,000 for the project.  Daily KOS reported that this is the down payment.  Additional fundraising for the project is ramping up.  Dean held a fundraiser for their first two candidates recently in Virginia.

This project will continue in Virginia for some time.  DFA announced that seats in 2013, 2014 and beyond would be targeted to assure Democrats take control of Virginia's Senate and House of Delegates.

In essence, Howard Dean is deploying his national strategy which secured Democrat control of the U.S. House and Senate from 2006-2010 to the state level.  Project Purple to Blue will grow to take on legislative control in latter years in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Iowa.

Here's a parting quote from Howard Dean about his perspective on Virginia and beyond,
"Virginia is not a right-wing state any more, it's a thoughtful, middle of the road state. We'll be doing this all over the country."

Virginia conservatives must wake up and be active to assure the efforts of Howard Dean and the progressives are stopped.  No longer will the old school campaign habits of Republicans be enough to win.    No longer can Republicans wait till Labor Day to begin grassroots door to door, voter outreach.  Conservative activists must be engaged right away to lay the ground work to defend candidates and protect political control in the General Assembly.


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