Wednesday, February 20, 2013


As many will agree, the mainstream media has been focusing on guns being used by violent criminals.  As circumstance provides, here is a perfect example of why Americans must keep their right to bear arms.

Prince Edward County, Virginia - A 25 year old man defended himself and two year old son from a home invasion by three armed intruders the morning of February 17th.  

Sunday morning the father and son were asleep at their home in Prospect, Virginia. A loud crash occurred at the house.  The father grabbed his pistol and proceeded to investigate.  He discovered three men entering the home.  The intruders exchanged gun fire upon sight of the armed parent.  The father fired his pistol.  

With gunfire lasting about one minute  The father shot two of the intruders with the third escaping.  One of the two died in the home.  The other perished on the front lawn. 

The father and son were not harmed.  And the father remarked he did not know any of the intruders.

This is a prime example of why Americans should be prepared to bear arms in defense.  The father had to respond within a minute.  No time to call 9-11.  He had three intruders in the house within minutes.  His son needed to be protected.  Police response would have been at least 10 minutes.  The father had to take action.  Thank goodness for the Second Amendment!

Another point.  What about magazine capacity?  If this was a prolonged gunfire situation, the father may not have had time to reload when his magazine was empty.  This would've cost him and possibly his son's life.

Also, what if he was only allowed to use a double-action pistol?  Would he have been able to fire off enough rounds quickly to stop the home intruders?  

This situation makes the case for the right to bear arms, the need to have ample magazine capacity and the necessity for using semi-automatic firearms.  Period.


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