Wednesday, February 13, 2013


After all of the applause, jeers and grandstanding for this year's State of the Union address, the smoke cleared the air, and reality set in on what Obama actually said.

First of all, let's focus on the big bogey of his speech.  Barack Obama stated, 
"Nothing I am proposing tonight should increase our deficit by a single dime."  
Flat out false!  All of the new proposed new federal government programs mentioned by Obama will cost the American taxpayer over $100 Billion in new spending.  This keeps Obama right on track to be the country's ultimate "Spender-in-Chief".  Further, conservatives using social media such as Twitter during the speech caught his dodge and exposed his 'single dime' claim by the thousands.

He had the gall to speak just minutes later about how we need more 'revenue' (taxes) to provide for our children's future.  Mr. President, with a national debt now over $16.5 Trillion, you have subverted the very essence of a future for America's youth.  Currently, the debt will cost every American taxpayer $146,000.

Another core part of the speech 'paraded' all sorts of individuals in the audience who were affected by violent acts by criminals using guns.  He read a litany of all of the violent incidents involving guns from Virginia Tech to Tucson, Arizona to Aurora to New Town, Connecticut.  His tact attempted to guilt Congressional members into voting for the assault ban and magazine restrictions.  He made no distinct reference to address violence in society or mental health reforms.  Hence, he outright trounced the Second Amendment rights of citizens again.

Here's some quick bullets regarding the rest of his night on Capitol Hill:
  • Obama continued mantra of spending more to promote green energy.  He said we needed to model our economy on Europe's green energy model. Mr. President, look what happened to Greece, Ireland and Spain!
  • Green jobs continued.  He attempted to make a crack joke about Congressmen needing to generate  green jobs in their districts, but he only heard jeers and rumbles of disapproval.
  • Obama through out a proposal to improve election access for America.  Obviously he does not realize there is a Constitution that protects states rights to govern election law via the 10th Amendment.
  • Obama took a swipe at small business too.  Proposing to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $9 per hour.  This proposal combined with the expense of Obamacare will kill jobs and close many small businesses already operating on a slim margin.
  • He stated we need to upgrade our education level.  Stating we need to be sure students have the equivalent of a vocational trade upon graduation.  Also, he proposed a huge spending program to fund pre-school in every state.  What's wrong Mr. President?  I thought your Union teachers were the best in the world.
Finally, here's a look at what was and was not stated during his speech.  Of the 6,419 words of spoken, Obama mentioned:  budget 4x, spending 3x, debt x2, sequester x1, Obamacare x1, and unemployment none.  During the 59 minutes of Obama's speech the national debt increased $123.5 Million and the federal government spent $404 Million.


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