Thursday, February 28, 2013


Jeannemarie Davis has a record.  A record advocating gun control.  A record she is running from as she makes a bid for the Republican nomination for Virginia's Lieutenant Governor.

First, let's settle the smoke screen her campaign is generating.  Her last legislative rating by the National Rifle Association was a 'F'.  Clearly, this rating is not what is expected of a Republican.  And definitely not a conservative.  This rating is based on her voting record and endorsement of policies to restrict gun ownership.  In addition, campaign field operatives for Jeannemarie are actively attempting to circumvent the news of her anti-gun record.  Reports are numerous of her operatives telling voters she is a gun owner.  She may own a gun, but her voting record demonstrates her intention to restrict your right to bear arms.

Next consider the company Jeannemarie Davis is keeping.  None other than New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  One of America's most hard core progressive and a complete gun control backer.  The left has very few unflinching gun control fanatics like Bloomberg.  And, NYC's Mayor Bloomberg is a big backer of Jeannemarie Davis. In fact, Mayor Bloomberg endorsed her candidacy for Virginia Senate.  He appeared at a news conference in November of 2007 in Northern Virginia to publicly announce his advocacy for her anti-gun stance.

Bloomberg stated why he endorsed Jeannemarie Davis, "Based on her independence and courage, and putting people over party, especially when it comes to the guns issues."

View the YouTube story from CNN about Bloomberg and his endorsement of Jeannemarie.  Here is the link to view the video>

Here's an article from the New York Sun reporting on Bloomberg's endorsement based on her anti-gun positions.  The title of the article is Mayor Bloomberg Will Back NRA Foe in Virginia.  Here's the article>> 

So, if you are a gun owner and/or supporter of the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, the record of Jeannemarie Davis will tell you there is a better candidate for you.  

Many of the other 2013 Republican candidates for Lieutenant Governor have 'A' ratings with the National Rifle Association.


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