Wednesday, February 27, 2013


True to the party he represents, Democrat Chris Dumler refutes the outcry of the public to save his political career.  Dumler pled guilty to misdemeanor sexual battery while serving as an elected official on Albemarle County's Board of Supervisors for the Scottsville District in Virginia.

Character counts.  And, Dumler is bending over backwards to kill time in hopes public protests will die off. He's following the Democrat playbook of using time to push the public beyond the point of recollecting the offense.  In this case, his character is marred and the public is growing in detest of Dumler's exploits.

Dumler pled guilty to a lesser charge of sexual battery.  The initial charges involved a felony conviction.  He is serving his jail sentence on the weekends until the full sentence is completed.  Since this was a misdemeanor plea deal, Dumler is not required to resign as Supervisor in Albemarle County.  Were it a felony conviction, he would be deposed from office.

Dumler attempts to slither his way around his constituents wishes to remove him.  Voters from the district he represents, Scottsville, are circulating petitions.  Petition forms are filling up to remove him from office.  WVIR-TV NBC 29 reports the minimum number of signatures for Dumler's removal were achieved on February 17.  Yet, Dumler remains.

Character is at the heart of the matter for Albemarle County.  The county has a employee code of ethics that holds employees accountable for such convictions.  The county's code calls employees to be considered for termination should they be involved with sexual battery or the like.  The question is should the same standard be held to a elected official of the county.

Now the business of Albemarle County is being impaired.  Most every public engagement with Chris Dumler involves vocal and persistent protests.  A recent budget hearing was consumed with protests about Dumler's behavior and his defiance to resign.  Other Albemarle County Supervisors, Democrat and Republican, admit Dumler's situation is impeding the business of the Board of Supervisors.

Democrats laid out a ruly political future for Dumler.  Progressive Democrats drooled over having elected Dumler to office in 2011.  Dumler's prowess with Democrats painted a run for higher office.  He attended the Democrat National Convention as part of the Virginia delegation to nominate Barack Obama for President.  Dumler had high hopes as a Democrat.  Now his political future is in question.


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