Sunday, January 20, 2013


Although many will say, "Oh this is his second Inauguration, lower turnout numbers are normal."  What is normal for the "Pontiff - in - Chief"?  With his head in the air and arrogance about winning in November, he'll have his grand swearing in at the Capitol and a big parade.  But what about the masses he claims to adore his image?

Four years ago, just about 2 million people packed every nook and cranny of the National Mall in Washington, D.C.  In January of 2009, thousands of additional police and military were brought in to assure safety for Obama's Inauguration.  But what about four years later?  Where are the droves of people who Obama touts as following his every lead with passion?

The numbers will not be there as before.  The National Park Service forecasts this years Inaugural turnout to be just over 600,000.  Hmmm, quite a down turn for this 'popular' President.  Also, there will be far less formal Inaugural Balls as well.  In 2008, there were 10 balls.  This year will only have two.  Where's the support?  Citizens support this President, right?

After four years of Barack Obama, the thrill seems to be gone.  He's lost his mojo, not the arrogance.  Through four years of record unemployment, house foreclosure, government malaise and general unrest, the American citizen is worn out, so to speak.  Second Inaugural or not.  Who would really want to show up for a President with his dismal record.

It will be interesting to hear the media coverage of the Inaugural.  First of all, you will see a list of 'excuses' for a low turnout.  Here's the likely top media talking points to downplay the lower attendance.  Including:  second time is lower, everyone has the flu, it's far too cold, this is about the size crowd Obama expected, and conflicts with MLK events across the country.  

Don't forget the camera angle!  TV cameras constantly showed the throngs of people four years ago.  Most networks had a constant live shot of the National Mall during the ceremony in the corner of the screen.  This year you'll see some shots of the National Mall crowd, but not as prominent as four years ago.
Here's a couple of additional info points:
  • He's spending just as much as in 2009 for the Inaugural.  $10 million of taxpayer money.  You would think less for the second time around, huh.  
  • The swearing in at the Capitol is a farce.  The real swearing in is on Sunday in a private ceremony with Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.  This is due to a Constitutional mandate that the President be sworn in on January 20.  The public ceremonies are shifted to Monday since January 20 lands on a Sunday.
  • For Inauguration Day, this will be Obama's fourth swearing in.  This is a fact, here is why.  In 2009, Chief Justice Roberts and Obama did not say the oath of office correctly during the Capitol ceremony.  So, they did another correct oath following the 2009 Inaugural to assure he was properly sworn in.  For 2013, per the Constitution, the President shall be sworn in on January 20, which is Sunday at the White House.  Then publicly sworn in again on Monday at the Capitol.  


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