Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Okay, maybe not so much good, but after one term of Barack Obama, it's time to look at the man and what he's impacted.  Here's a timely collection of stats and numbers than encompass the first four years of Obama's reign.

The Good.  Give me a minute.  Nope can't quite come up with anything.  Well, he was the first President to use a electronic "auto-pen" to sign a official document by distance.  He now embarks on four years of his last term without accountability to voters for his actions.  Wait, that's not necessarily good news.  

The Bad.  How about those first four years?  Did Barack Obama demonstrate he could do the job?  Whether you agree with him or not, let's look at some off beat, but true numbers for the first term:  113 rounds of golf, 93 days with no public or press appearance, 13 vacations (total of 83 days), 836 flights on Air Force One (plus 801 flights on Marine One), visited 44 states (except Arkansas, Utah, South Carolina, North & South Dakota, and Idaho), 25 foreign trips visiting 35 countries, 22 Presidential pardons granted, and Barack Obama used a Teleprompter 699 times to deliver speeches.  Seems like a propped up President leading a jet set life on the backs of taxpayers.

The Ugly.  Now let's get serious.  The past four years have been harsh upon America.  Barack Obama has chosen a path and ideology away from our founding principles and, to many, away from Constitutional law.  His administration has exploded the size of the federal government, and made many Americans dependent on government social programs.

Now let's look at the ugly side of the numbers under Barack Obama:  unemployment currently at 7.8% (over 15 million Americans), national debt at $16.4 trillion (Obama record as most debt of all Presidents at $5.8 trillion),  passed massive Obamacare plan causing health premiums to almost double, most home foreclosures in American history, enacted fiscal policies triggering record devaluation of American dollar, signed 147 executive orders (Several counter to Constitutional authority), record failure of banks & businesses,  and our gross national product barely has a pulse at 2%.

What will the next four years bring from this unbridled President who is no longer accountable to the voters? Of course, time will tell.  Yet, if he holds true to his far left, progressive ideology, you can expect much more of the same.  Including a colossal debt, a disaster of a health care system, and one behemoth of a federal government.
Sources:  UCSB Presidency Project and CBS News


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