Saturday, December 15, 2012


A horrible act of mindless violence struck down 27 people in Newtown, Connecticut, on Friday, December 14.  

A 20 year old male, named Adam Lanza, equipped with several weapons forced his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School.  The school had a locked exterior entrance, yet Lanza was able to force his way into the building.  Lanza unleashed a devastating attack.  Killing 20 first grade students and six adults.  He focused his evil attack on two school rooms where first grade students were starting their day with morning announcements.

Earlier that day, Lanza also shot his mother in her home in Newtown.  Initial reports stated she may have been a teachers assistant at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Adam Lanza took his life at the scene of the attack via gunshot.

Newtown is a small close knit community in Connecticut.  With a population of about 2,000.  Several reports state the community and church influence will help begin to support the families of the victims.

Now the questions are being raised about why Adam Lanza acted with such evil disdain for life in Newtown.  Police investigations are on going, so actual motive has not been confirmed.  However, their are reports from Newtown who knew of Adam Lanza.  Many are stating he was unbalanced and a isolated personality.  A few accounts of Lanza's demeanor from The New York Daily News say he was a "deeply disturbed kid" who was subject to "extreme outbursts of rage."  Also, a close friend of the family stated Adam Lanza, "...certainly had major (psychological) issues," and called him a "monster".

Our country is faced with another mass murder.  From Columbine to the shooting of Congressman Giffords to Aurora, Colorado, to Newtown.  There is a common cause that is cited by forensic psychologists and law enforcement profilers.  In all of these incidents, including the Virginia Tech shooting, the individual had a documented disturbing history of mental illness.  The alarming, gradual surfacing of such mass murders brings attention to many societal flaws and failure of proper attention of mental health sector challenges that have been sidelined by government funding and lack of private health care industry prioritization.  

This is a heartbreaking, tragic loss of life.  Young vibrant life that was filled with innocence and a future of unlimited possibilities.  And, the mindless acts of Adam Lanza snuffed out those lives.


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