Thursday, December 27, 2012


The root of all 'evil' stems from one side of the federal government's legislative branch.  Should you chose to take the media's play on which part of the Capitol is at the center of stonewalling you would say the U.S. House of Representatives.  However, you would be incorrect.  The U.S. Senate is the actual roadblock to any breakthrough for establishing a tax or spending fix to the fiscal cliff by January 1, 2013.

Democrat Majority Leader in the Senate, Harry Reid of Nevada, is at the crux of the problem.  Reid has consistently blocked a vast majority of all tax, spending and entitlement reform bills from the House for over two years.  The House has stacked up numerous bills with different fiscal approaches including budget proposals.  Of course, the Senate led by Harry Reid has failed to pass a budget in almost four years.

Reid has pivoted since his re-election in 2010.  Reid had operated with normal legislative processes leading up to 2010.  Including taking a House bill, offering amendments and voting to send it to conference for passage.  When he lost his Democrat led super majority, he lost his mojo and ability to do what he and the progressive left wanted to do.  

Since then, he has converted his position into one of conjuring the media and politicizing practically anything the Republicans produce in the House.  Harry Reid always had a hard edge, partisan streak in his repertoire.  Now, Reid can be seen daily, sometimes every few hours, speaking from the Senate floor with such partisan spin on what he wants to project to the public and the mainstream media.  Reid continues to outright lie in many cases about what is happening.  Spreading disinformation that the lefty media gladly spews right out to the public.  Truly, Harry Reid has adopted many tactics right out of Barack Obama's propaganda play book.

The reality is the two houses of our government are at loggerheads.  And, the head of the U.S. Senate (Reid) has whipped up such a political firestorm that has immobilized Capitol Hill.  

The Senate has plenty of bills passed by the House this year to act on.  What it will take is Harry Reid's willingness to bring these bills to the Senate floor for amendments and votes.  This will take a drastic change of action by Reid to get off of his partisan soapbox and put the Senate to work after a year of political posturing and foolishness.

Time is wasting Harry.  Stop babbling and get to work!


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