Monday, December 3, 2012


Barack Obama's ideology certainly does not stop with him.  He's encircled with a powerful batch of far left politicos.  Many of whom have already delivered on their progressive marching orders during his first term as President of the United States.

When you consider those in line of succession to Barack Obama, just a quick run through of some members of his inner circle turns your stomach.  Here's a select few cabinet members who have riddled their way through our entrails so far.  Including:  Joe Biden, Eric Holder, Tim Geithner, Hillary Clinton, Kathleen Sebelius, Leon Panetta, and Janet Napolitano.

Further, when you consider tactics, history and obfuscation of the Constitution, one could really raise concern.  Think about if Joe Biden could be a competent President without the gaffes.  Would Kathleen Sebelius manage the Presidency the same way she has deployed Obamacare?  Would you trust Tim Geithner when he cannot responsibly manage our country's finances?  And, finally, remember Eric Holder's stonewall evasiveness about Operation Fast and Furious.  All certainly have played a role in skirting the law and contributing to the roll out of a progressive America.

Now as a second term for Barack Obama is set to begin, the plot thickens.  Exit Hillary Clinton from Secretary of State.  Now insert one of the two names being bantered about:  U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice or Senator John Kerry.  Holder and Geithner stated they will stick around for another year.  Also, there is a vacancy for Secretary of Commerce.  Perhaps others will turn over as Obama drives his agenda forward.

Here's the current Presidential line of succession per the 25th Amendment to the Constitution:
  1. President Barack Obama
  2. Vice-President Joe Biden
  3. Speaker of the House of Representatives - John Boehner
  4. President pro tempore of the Senate - Patrick Leahy
  5. Secretary of State - Hillary Clinton
  6. Secretary of the Treasury - Tim Geithner
  7. Secretary of Defense - Leon Panetta
  8. Attorney General - Eric Holder
  9. Secretary of the Interior - Ken Salazar
  10. Secretary of Agriculture - Tom Vilsack
  11. Acting Secretary of Commerce - Rebecca Blank
  12. Secretary of Labor - Hilda Solis
  13. Secretary of Health and Human Services - Kathleen Sebelius
  14. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development - Shaun Donovan
  15. Secretary of Transportation - Ray LaHood
  16. Secretary of Energy - Steven Chu
  17. Secretary of Education - Arne Duncan
  18. Secretary of Veterans Affairs - Eric Shinseki
  19. Secretary of Homeland Security - Janet Napolitano


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