Friday, December 21, 2012


Well all the hype and anxiety over the supposed "Doomsday" on December 21, 2012, appears to be a mirage.  According to many prophecies, today was to be the end of the world in one context or another.  As we look around and awaken on this date of our end, we can rest assured there is a tomorrow and a future of possibilities for mankind.

Oh the prophecies!  From the Mayans, the Hopi Indians, Nostradamus and others.  All had pointed to a time when our world would have a dramatic change.  Whether the change would be a catastrophic global event or a new age of human awakening.  If you would like to go Biblical, Revelations flows endlessly with signs of the coming.  Yet, scripture states we will not know the time of occurrence.  

Separating prophecies from fact seems to be the way to think through all of the world end conspiracies.  Prophecies can be contorted and shaped to fit certain world events that transpired.  Some predictions by the Mayans and Nostradamus are quite startling with their accuracy for major events like the Holocaust of World War II.  

Looking at the science behind the end of the world mindset helps ground reality.  When astronomers and geologists are asked if a global catastrophic event could occur, they often respond that it is - "Not a question of if it will occur.  It is a question of when."  Unsettling to say the least.

Threats to Earth are a reality and are well documented by scientists from many backgrounds.  

One of the major current threats to our existence is solar flare activity.  An event called a Corona Mass Ejection (CME) is considered to be possibility.  CMEs are massive radiation bursts that eject from the Sun and have impacted Earth.  If the Earth were to take a direct CME hit, all electronics throughout the world would be fried.  Currently, we are in a cycle of higher CME activity that will extend into 2013.

Another major concern by astronomers is the impact of a major comet or meteorite.  Throughout the world there are observatories actively looking and tracking significant meteorites that could cross Earth's orbit.  Astronomers have stated that a meteor impact about 1/2 mile or larger in size could cause the end of mankind.  NASA states there are not any eminent threats to our planets by meteors.  Although there are several large meteors they are tracking that could impact within the next 1,000 years.

A third major concern to Earth's stability would be from below.  Incredible activity from earthquakes occurs daily and is growing in frequency the world over.  From New Zealand to the Caribbean, major activity continues.  The media does not report the waves of quakes that occur very close to America's shores.  At times, there will be a series of 20+ quakes occurring in the Caribbean ranging in magnitude from 2.0 to 5.0.  Not major in magnitude, but the fact that this happens several times per month is noteworthy.  Not to mention the activity stemming from Central America all the way up to California.  Geologists continue to echo the line of a super quake or volcanic eruption of a matter of when, not if it will happen.

Bottom line.  Carpe Diem! Seize the day we are blessed to live on this amazing planet.  Yes, science throws hard info that could be hard to fathom.  Yet, the human story continues and how we work to better our world is our responsibility.  As Star Trek's Dr. Spock would say, "Live long and prosper!"


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