Monday, November 5, 2012


Democrat Tim Kaine has a problem.  He is nervous about the election.  How he is handling these waning hours of the election reveals his character flaws and partisan left exploits.

Tim Kaine is out of time and out of ideas.  As he is out of policy ideas, other than more taxation and big government, he is perpetuating his negative personal attacks on Republican George Allen.    As for personal attacks timing is everything for Tim.  

What typically is the response of a Democrat that is at the bottom of the barrel?  Attack your opponent.  A curiously timed attack suddenly appeared in the Huffington Post and Salon in the past 24 hours against George Allen.  The timing and fecal substance have the finger prints of Tim Kaine.  Kaine's tactics are vicious and unsettling.  Is this depraved behavior by Kaine representative of your vote?

Tim Kaine is about Tim Kaine, not Virginia.  Tim Kaine is a desperate politician.  Polls are not going Tim's way.  He sees his next political job as slipping away.  He must win to advance his career and political aspirations.  Will Virginia help progressive Tim move up the political ladder?  

Kaine is reaching for something he never appreciated.  As Governor he turned on Virginians, attempting to raise taxes every year of his four year term.  His lack of leadership in Richmond drained our economic capital resulting in high unemployment and alienating small businesses.  His four years as Governor is a record of shame.  His lack of budgetary control left the Commonwealth in turmoil with forced cuts to VDOT and education.

He showed Virginia how partisan and self serving he could be as he served his last years as the DNC Chairman while Governor.  Pushing the duties of his elected office aside for serving his political party.  Once again Kaine shows his selfish ambitions over the duty to serve the Commonwealth. 

Now Tim wants Virginia to vote for him.  Virginia, he fooled you once.  Now will you let Democrat Tim Kaine fool you again?


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