Sunday, November 18, 2012


Hamas attacks Israel from Gaza Strip with barrage of rockets.  Israel Defense Force responds with strong targeted counter strikes.

Reports from Israel indicate terrorist group, Hamas, is using very unreliable and error prone Fajr-5 rockets.  Thousands of these small rockets have impacted civilian populations in many cities.  Tel Aviv has been a distant, but constant target.  The rockets fired by Hamas have impacted Jewish, Muslim and other cultural, civilian communities in Israel.  During a two day period, an estimated one million Israelis were in bomb shelters due to the constant barrage of Hamas rockets.

Israel Defense Force has been swift and growing. IDF has amassed 16,000 troops with armored carriers along the Gaza border.  Israel has stated they will keep all options open to end the attacks on civilians.  IDF just called up 75,000 reservists to bolster what many predict for Israel to strongly consider a ground assault to push the terrorist militants away from strike distance on Israeli cities.

IDF has counter attacked several military targets of Hamas.  IDF has focused on taking out specific targets involving military command, intelligence centers, weapons bunkers, and communications of Hamas.

Hamas has been increasing their attacks for months.  Israel Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, reports the attacks began about four months ago.  It is estimated that Hamas has launched about 4,000 artillery rockets  into Israel over a four month period.  A vast amount of the rockets have been launched over the past ten days.

The Fajr-5 rockets are meant for terror not tactical warfare.  Fajr-5 rockets are hand assembled and have a horrible target accuracy rating.  Therefore, they very launch of one of these unreliable rockets puts civilians at risk.  

Israel is using a defensive missile battery to intercept rockets.  The IDF has deployed "Iron Dome" missile units that attempt to shoot down incoming rockets from Hamas.  The effectiveness of the "Iron Dome" depends on the number and frequency of incoming targets from Gaza.  Hamas re-positions their launch sites to avoid the IDF's defensive tactics.

Bottom Line:  Israel will make its decisions based on threat to civilians.  As long as Israeli civilians are at risk, the IDF will increase the intensity and tactics of their response.  Crossing into Gaza to suppress Hamas' rocket launch will bring international scrutiny upon Israel.  Considering one million civilians are seeking shelter from attack, the political pressure may see a back seat to Israel's focus to protect her citizens.


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