Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Conservatives are looking for a firewall versus Obama's agenda.  With the Republicans in sole control of Congress and the Democrats holding strong in the Senate, what can be done short term to stop or diminish power of the left?

The Republican "leadership" in the U.S. Congress and Senate is very soft.  Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are all part of the beltway mindset of perpetuating their perceived importance of the government.  Their judgement is clouded and tainted by their long term presence in Washington.  They have become what I call "institutionalized" by their sense of power and ingrained indoctrination that government knows better than the electorate.  It's a sense of arrogance and power that grabs hold of the elected and blurs the reality of what is happening outside of the beltway.

As the looming fiscal cliff with sequestration cuts and tax policy expiration loom over Washington,  the current Republican leadership is what it is.  Boehner and McConnell will broker a deal without backbone.  They'll bend to the Dems resulting in a significant tax hike to those earning $250K and above.  The Democrats will invoke their power also forcing closed loopholes favoring the wealthy and corporations.  The Republican leaders will say they got a couple of spending cuts and a few trivial policies, but all in all Boehner and McConnell will concede.

This weak Republican leadership in Congress and the Senate is not what the conservative movement needs to give true backbone to controlling the debt, spurring the economy and protecting the Constitution.  This must stop, and on January 3, 2013, an injection of new conservative leadership is what we need.  

Conservatives are fortunate.  We have a wealth of competent, informed and untapped leadership ready to go on Capitol Hill.  I propose elevating our "young bucks" of the conservative movement, now!  Move Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Paul Ryan into the Republican leadership.  For instance, Marco Rubio would be a solid choice for Senate Minority Leader.  And, he has prior experience leading a legislature as he did for the State of Florida.  For Speaker of the House, consider budget mastermind, Paul Ryan.  Even current House Whip Kevin McCarthy or Congressman Jason Chaffetz..  There are others who could clearly make a difference, but these are on the short list for having the strength to exude conservative principles and to protect the Republic.

Bottom line:  The right is looking for a fire wall versus Obama and the left, right away.  Current Republican leaders lack the backbone to resist the power moves of the left.  New conservative leadership on Capitol Hill will serve as our line of defense until the Senate and Congressional elections in 2014.  #FireBoehner


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