Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Former U.S. Senate candidate, George Allen, stated in a recent interview with The News Virginian, he will not seek elected office in the future.  

George Allen dedicated the past two years to running a grassroots campaign for the U.S. Senate.  He and wife, Susan, traversed the Commonwealth talking to Virginians and business leaders about issues effecting their part of the state.  His campaign was dedicated to improving job creation, exploring energy resources and reducing our country's debt.

Allen has served the Commonwealth in many capacities.  In the state, he served as Governor from 1994-98, and previously in the House of Delegates from the 58th district from 1983-91.  On the federal level, George Allen served as Congressman from 1991-93 and U.S. Senator from 2001-2007.

Here is George Allen's statement from The News Virginian:

 "I'm grateful for the support, generosity and the votes of over 1.7 million people, but I have no intention of running for office again,'' Allen said.
   Allen said he and wife Susan made the decision not to seek any future bids for political office during a weekend trip to Southwest Virginia where they attended the funeral of retired U.S. District Judge Glen Williams. Allen clerked for Williams for a year after graduating from the University of Virginia Law School in the 1970s.
   "It was a wonderful celebration of his life,'' Allen said of the funeral for Williams. Of his decision made over the weekend, Allen said, "We had time to think about it and discuss things ... We reflected on the campaign. I'm proud we ran a campaign based on ideas."
   Of the nearly two-year campaign, Allen said, "We gave it our all." He said he and his wife worked harder during the campaign than in any other they had ever waged for political office.
   After his second defeat for the Senate in six years, Allen said he has no regrets. "I'm obviously disappointed. But I'm glad I got out of the grandstands to fight for the people of Virginia," he said. "Susan and I love being with people."
      His future plans are not yet finalized. Allen only knows he will continue to preach for conservative principles. "As long as I'm breathing, I will look to advocate ideas,'' Allen said,. "I'm still a Reagan Ranch presidential scholar, and I still enjoy speaking on college campuses. I will advocate for positive, constructive ideas."


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