Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Special Halloween Election Feature

The scariest time of year, Halloween, reminds us of the frightful realities of our country.  Our crafty President has whipped up a spell that has set our dear Republic in a tail spin.  Obama is surrounded by a cast of ghouls that have severed the limbs of the government into a cauldron of discontent and malaise.  

First, the scary reality of Barack Obama.  He has spent our country into oblivion.  Racking up over $6 Trillion in wicked debt.  Now totaling over $16 Trillion.  More combined debt than all previous Presidents.  The debt is enough to scare each and every American right out of their skin.  Think how much burden our sons and daughters will carry for Obama's unrelenting spending.  The debt now stands at $51,462 per citizen.

Next, the witches brewing the cauldron of social engineering.  From Obama's first lady to New York's Mayor Bloomberg tooling with every bite you and your kids take.  It's enough to get your blood boiling.  Don't forget Obama's rancid czars acting like serpents to poison America's economy with undue regulation on our brave warriors of job creators - small businesses.  Remember the lead spell binder, Kathleen Sebelius.  Spinning her sticky web of Obamacare to favor the union creeps.  

Most disturbing has been Obama's curdling of our Constitution.  And who is playing his evil Igor?  Why slithering Attorney General Eric Holder.  Holder's numerous ploys from suppressing states rights to verify voters to the shameful tragedy of Operation Fast and Furious.  Holder has been a loyal servant to his conniving President.  And, don't forget Joe "Chainsaw" Biden who is waiting to mow down friend or foe with a gaffe.

Okay.  Wake up America!  Is this a nightmare that has become reality?  For four years America has lived this reality.  We cannot live in this perilous fog any longer.  We must free ourselves of a Presidency gone awry.

How will America  cast this spell away?  

The best counter potion will be on Election Day!


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