Friday, October 5, 2012


For 50 million television viewers, Mitt Romney commanded a strong and impressive debate performance versus a listless President Barack Obama.  The debate was held in Denver, Colorado.  Reports state this was one of the largest viewed political events in history.

If you viewed the debate, you were inspired by the depth of knowledge, positive tone and command of Mitt Romney.  Weekly Standard editor, Bill Krystal, stated this was the best Presidential debate performance of a Republican 'in over two decades.'  

What was so surprising was Barack Obama's seemingly absent participation.  Obama actually spoke more than Romney, yet his content was off the point and ineffective.  Obama's non-verbal habits were distant and disengaged from the dialog.  Most of the time Obama would be seen looking down at his podium or to the moderator for a way out of a troubling moment.  

Several sources report Barack Obama actually declined several scheduled debate practices prior to the event, and it showed.  Obama's debate prep counterpart was Senator John Kerry.  

What Mitt Romney capitalized was the absence of Obama's coddled, disengaged mindset.  Romney's line of questioning pierced through the filter of the media.  In essence, Mitt Romney served as the first 'journalist' to ask hard questions directly to Obama.  Without the protection of Obama's press secretary and no access to a Tele-prompter, Obama was lost in the dialog.  Giving credence to an empty Presidency, and as Clint Eastwood referenced, an empty chair.

As RNC Chairman Preibus stated, "Mitt Romney prosecuted the last four years of Barack Obama, and inoculated Obama with the truth."

One key counter punch provided by Mitt Romney to expose misstatements by Obama was quite effective.  Romney stated, "As President, you are entitled to your own car and your own house, but not your own facts."

Here are some additional comments about key aspects of the first Presidential debate with Mitt Romney and Barack Obama:
  • Romney's opening statement including his five point plan for America helped to set the stage for the rest of the debate.  Romney continually referred back to energy, jobs, repealing Obamacare, education, and eliminating debt.
  • Mitt was able to pin poor leadership on Obama.  Romney stated with the economy in trouble and 23 million unemployed, why did you focus for two years on passing Obamacare with so many needing jobs?  
  • Mitt slightly interjected a major point that Obama had Democratic control of both houses of Congress his first two years.  And, the President had the power to correct the economy, jobs, debt, medicare and a host of issues without any success.
  • The Republican candidate connected with Independent and Tea Party voters throughout the debate.  Romney was right on point talking about the Constitution, protecting individual liberty, enforcing the 10th Amendment for states' rights, and how our rights are endowed from our creator, not big government.
  • Romney prosecuted the point of why Obama invested $90 billion in stimulus cash to failed green energy companies, like Solyndra.  When government oil subsidies are only $2 billion per year.  He counter punched Obama's desire to hire 200,000 teachers saying Obama could have hired 2 million teachers with the $90 billion tossed into green energy ventures.
  • Mitt chimed in additionally about Obama's obsession with now failed green energy companies, stating a friend of Romney's said Obama, "You don't just pick the winners and the losers, you pick the losers."  Like Solyndra, Tesla and numerous other bankrupt companies.
  • Romney hit a home run explaining the power of job growth.  This was a key moment when Romney differentiated between two visions.  With Romney driving a pro-business/pro-energy plan to create jobs which would dramatically boost government revenues.  Versus Obama's plan to further tax the job creators making over $250,000, which would suppress job growth and marginalize tax revenues.
One key take away for Romney's victory was the timing and viewership.  With 50 million viewers, Romney was able to bypass the bias of the media and demonstrate his command of the issues, his persona and vision for America.  In addition, the timing of this debate win is key.  Most all early voting states and absentee voters are now in the process of making their decision.  The impressive performance by Romney will greatly shift the undecided voters towards his candidacy as indicated in many post-debate polls.  This impression will sustain as the next Presidential debate is two weeks away on October 16.


The commentary provided on and "The American Maverick Radio Show" are the remarks on behalf of Maverick Media and personal expression of Flint Engleman. In no way, are these statements on behalf of any other organization or political entity.

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