Monday, October 8, 2012


As we move to within a month of this year's general election, the ugly side of campaigning has reared its head in central Virginia.  A rash of documented acts of violence and vandalism has fallen upon conservatives and Republicans in the area of Charlottesville, Virginia.  

A video expose' by local radio personality, Rob Schilling, conservative Steve Peters and former Republican 5th District Chairman, Randolph Byrd, shows the actual footage of attacks made by left wing radicals surrounding the much hallowed country of Mr. Jefferson's university.  The video shows there is much more than the stealing of campaign signs.  Left wing radicals have defaced signs with extreme language, human waste and other nasty acts.  Bricks have been tossed through the windows of the local GOP headquarters.  As well as very threatening messages left on local Republican voice mail.  Physical confrontations by Democrats against Republicans have also occurred.  The video is just a sample of a more widespread threat that is is heightened now with the election on the horizon.

Here is the video titled Obama Supporters: Vandalism and Thieves.  Please note this video is quite graphic with violent acts and language used by Democrats.  The video includes actual footage from vandalism and confrontation in or near Charlottesville, Virginia.  Again, this is graphic>>>

What is concerning is the violence, yet those who have had these acts committed on their property feel suppressed and anxious about going public with their dismay.  Fearing additional retribution.  This is perhaps what the Democrats are aiming for.  To suppress the right.  To push those supporting Republican candidates from expressing their First Amendment rights to free speech.  These acts also lead to a form of voter suppression.  As the Democrat sympathizers have acted out against the Republicans right to support their candidates.

Police have been notified about many of the acts of aggression, vandalism and theft.  Yet, many times police will say there is not much they can do in a election season.  As if this is 'acceptable' behavior of our society.

What about the Democrat leaders and candidates?  Are they denouncing these acts of aggression?  As seen in the video above, repeated words by President Obama and local officials have encouraged their supporters to be confrontational in their activism.  A recent confrontation by Democrat for Congress, John Douglass, demonstrates their ill regard for individual rights of Republicans.  Here is the video of Democrat Douglass striking a young camera operator at a public town hall in August>>>

Disturbing on many levels, yet this should serve as fuel and motivation for Republicans/conservatives to restore our rights on Election Day.  Those supporting Republican candidates should remain vigilant on one hand, and rekindle their effort to turn out the vote on the other.  Remain strong and forthright as we head towards November 6.


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