Tuesday, October 9, 2012


United States Senate candidates Republican George Allen and Democrat Tim Kaine tangled in the second debate in Richmond, Virginia.  The debate was moderated by Bob Holsworth with a panel asking questions.

This will be a quick analysis.  Why?  The debate format was somewhat constrained compared to the first debate also moderated by Holsworth.  Time for rebuttal was significantly limited and the mics were silenced so candidates could not chirp in with a quick counter comment.  

What was most apparent during the debate was Tim Kaine's commitment to supporting and voting for the policies of Barack Obama's big government.  Here's a breakdown of Timmy's moments:

  • He said he supports paying for sequestration budget cuts.  This action will support a severe cut in defense capabilities and jobs.  This measure will kill about 200,000 defense and defense contractor jobs in Virginia.
  • Obamacare.  Tim reinforced his support of the plan.  His continued support will severely limit seniors access to health care and premium increases will impact all of America.
  • Medicare/Medicaid.  Kaine showed his true colors by saying the role of government is best.  He opposes increasing control of the plan by states.
  • Energy.  Not hardly a word from Kaine during the debate.  His support of anti-coal regulation is devastating coal jobs in Southwestern Virginia.
  • Foreign Policy.  Kaine showed his weakness and lack of depth of knowledge.  U.S. Senators must have a firm grasp on foreign affairs to understand national security and intelligence policy.
Former Virginia Governor George Allen spoke with resolve and confidence throughout the debate.  Allen clearly respected the rights of states and individuals in his response.  Here's a review of George Allen's key take aways in the second debate:
  • Foreign Policy.  George Allen was head and shoulders above Kaine's inexperience.  It was obvious during the debate.  Allen's previous Senate experience shined through as he mirrored Romney's Reagan like policy of peace through strength.
  • Sequestration.  Allen clearly recognized the volume of defense jobs that would be cut in Virginia.  He reiterated his support of the military and his commitment to protect those jobs for Virginians and our military strength.
  • Medicare and Obamacare.  George Allen spoke about his intention to end Obamacare.  He said he wants a private solution for Americans so patients will have a choice of their own plan and physician.  He stressed the need to shift funding to the states to best administer senior care.
  • Energy.  Allen expressed his belief in how America's energy resources are central to job production and energy independence.  He stated how repealing coal and other regulations can spur our next economic boom.
All in all the debate was pretty tight in moderation which hampered banter back and forth.  Kaine's constant sniping was more annoying than effective in this format.  George Allen held his own appearing as a statesman with informed confidence.

The final U.S. Senate debate with Allen and Kaine will be held at Virginia Tech on October 18 at 7:00pm.


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