Monday, October 1, 2012


Not literally, but the Democrats are keeping John Douglass at a distance.  A series of high level Democrat rallies have kept the 5th district Democrat for Congress out of the limelight.

Perhaps Douglass is wearing Kryptonite.  Over the past month, two high profile Democrat events have kept John Douglass off the stage.  When Vice-President Joe Biden had his event in Danville with his famous gaffe, '...put y'all back in chains.' Douglass was not to be found.  You would think with a Democrat candidate like Douglass running for the 5th District, which includes Danville, he would be a featured speaker.  Nope not this time.  Who was on the stage?  Former Democrat Congressman and Obama buddy, Tom Perriello.  Where's John?

Again, when President Obama held a rally in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia, there was no sign of Douglass on stage.  Charlottesville sits in the geographic center of the 5th Congressional district.  And, Charlottesville is a key voter area for Democrat candidates.  Again, where's John?

Perhaps the Democrats are cutting their losses early.  With Douglass' campaign going downhill fast, the DNC and other cash contributions could dry up pretty quick.  If the DNC would cut off Douglass, they would direct contributions to other candidates in Virginia or elsewhere.  One cash move the DNC and state Dems may do is to move cash tagged for Douglass over to bolster Democrat Tim Kaine's tepid bid for Senate.

Douglass has led a troubled campaign from the start.  His campaign has struggled for months to gain any traction with voters.  He has resulted in some antics staging mock debates in an effort to drum up some media coverage.  Not to forget his striking of a camera operator at a public event in August.  A recent 5th district internal poll shows Douglass -18% behind the 5th district's Congressman, Robert Hurt.


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