Tuesday, October 2, 2012


With the November 6 general election within sight, the Obama administration makes a move to delay a mandated notice to hundreds of thousands of defense employees.  Seen as a highly political move by Obama to blur the reality of impending massive job losses in America just long enough to garner votes for the Presidential election.

As a matter of federal law under the WARN Act, defense contractors must notify all employees who are at risk for losing their job.  This notice must be delivered to the employees no less than 60 days prior to termination.  Due to the large defense cuts that are on schedule to take effect on January 1, 2013, contractors must send notices to employees by November 1st.  These defense cuts are due to the Sequestration cuts agreed to by the U.S. House & Senate, then signed into law by Barack Obama in 2011.  

The timing of the November 1 job termination notice and November 6 Election Day are not good timing for the President.  This is a political thorn that the Obama administration is working to avoid.  Not only would Obama potentially lose hundreds of thousands of votes due to the notices hitting defense employees just days before the election, but the potential public blow back could negatively impact Obama's re-election bid at the ballot box.

Obama and his czars are orchestrating a work around.  Federal law requires defense contractors to send the notices as mentioned or face substantial financial penalty.  Lockheed Martin, one of America's major defense contractors, intended to send out the notices on time to comply with the law and to avoid financial penalties.  However, a curiously timed letter from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) directs contractors to delay or halt the notices to be issued on November 1. Which is just 5 days before Election Day.  The OMB letter, as cited by Fox News and The Hill.com, instructs defense contractors that the government will 'reimburse' the companies if they are penalized.  This 'reimbursement' would draw from the U.S. Treasury, otherwise known as the American taxpayer.

Again, the Obama political machine is obfuscating the law for political purposes.  The letter and intent of the action by the OMB encourages defense contractors to ignore federal law in exchange for financial reward.  This again demonstrates the lengths Barack Obama is willing to go to win a re-election and to have four years with no accountability to the American electorate.


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