Sunday, September 9, 2012


Virginia Democrats have emitted a real dud for the 5th District Congressional race.  The Dems pushed out John Douglass some months ago, and now realize his inability to effectively campaign.

This summer 5th District Democrat candidate for Congress, John Douglass, began a series of town hall like meetings and staged events which have fell short of a bona fide Congressional campaign.  Douglass has attempted to promote awareness of his campaign and project name recognition with little fanfare.  Yes, he has held town halls with a smattering of attendance in the district, but the real dig on Douglass has been the lack of attention he has received in the media.  

This lack of attention of Douglass has resorted in unseemly efforts to drum up publicity.  Well knowing his campaign was actively negotiating formal debates with Republican Congressman Robert Hurt, Douglass has staged several debate stunts.  Basically, the Douglass campaign has held a couple of solo "debates", where Douglass appears on stage with two podiums, then claims his opponent was a no show.  This is nothing short of a publicity stunt by Douglass' campaign.  And, the true sign of a campaign that is desperate for publicity, no matter the antics.

Occasionally, some progressive leaning media like NBC 29 and/or The News & Advance will cough up a news blurp for Douglass.  But, most media has sniffed out the antics and low ball campaigning of the Douglass campaign.

Several key events in the 5th District with top shelf Dems such as Barack Obama and Joe Biden have been without any warm up speech by their own Democrat Congressional candidate.  In fact, Douglass did not speak at either high profile event in Charlottesville (Obama) or Danville (Biden).  

With less than 60 days in the campaign, the Dems seem to have realized the flop they launched with Douglass.  Who knows what his campaign will drum up to prop him up.  Much like Obama, Douglass will very likely resort to nasty campaign ads to attempt to gain some traction in the closing weeks.


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