Sunday, September 2, 2012


For those who viewed the last night of the Republican Convention, famous actor/director Clint Eastwood made a surprise appearance with a message about President Obama.  Eastwood's empty chair routine now has turned into a national protest contesting the worthiness of Barack Obama.

Clint Eastwood used an old comedy routine just before Senator Marco Rubio's remarks presenting Governor Mitt Romney as the official Republican candidate for President.  Eastwood took the podium with some general remarks about the challenges facing our country from jobs to debt.  He transitioned to a old comic bit talking to a empty chair to his side.  As if Barack Obama occupied the chair.  Eastwood would ask a question and reply as if Obama gave a snarky answer.  Eastwood threw some great one liners about Obama about 'letting him go' if we wasn't doing the job.  Then, he concluded with a tremendous applause saying with the attendees, "Go ahead (make my day!)"

Now, that moment has resonated with America to a different level of activism.  The empty chair has grown to symbolize not just Eastwood's comic moment, but the very question of if Obama is absent as President.  Questions surrounding Obama's lack of effectiveness on issues such as:  jobs, business growth, national debt, health care, immigration, and a hotbed of international problems.  Where has Obama been?  Why is his normal schedule so light with only one executive level meeting per day?  Why has Obama been obsessed with so many fundraisers for over a year?  And, yes, why is he so publicly at leisure with vacations and rounds of golf?  We need a President working tirelessly on growing jobs, reducing debt and keeping us safe.

All of this has spawned a national day and week of activism in America.  Beginning on Monday, September 3, Americans are urged to place a empty chair or two (Obama/Biden) on your front lawn.  Keep your chair(s) on your lawn through the last night of the Democratic National Convention when Obama speaks on Thursday, September 6.  Yes, this is a national protest to bring attention to Barack Obama's lack of effectiveness as our current President.  The idea for the "National Empty Chair Day/Week" developed over the last few days by fellow Americans on the internet including Facebook and Twitter.

National Empty Chair Week - September 3-6, 2012.  So, take a couple of minutes and walk a chair or two out to your front yard and make your own statement about our country's vacant Presidency.  Share this message with your friends and neighbors to let your community's voice make Barack Obama's day.  


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