Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Questions are being raised if the Kaine for U.S. Senate campaign is hiding behind polls in the stretch run for Election Day.  Tim Kaine is spinning his wheels for voter traction as his campaign lags in the waning weeks of the 2012 election.

Tim Kaine cowers as voters pull back.  After months of seeing his slight lead collapse, the Kaine campaign reaches for any polling data to prop up their candidate.  Kaine held a lead of +6% in May in most polling.  However, recent polling has leveled the race versus Republican George Allen.  Ruling most polling within the margin of error or a toss up.

Let's talk balanced polling.  In simple terms, to assure a poll effectively reflects the electorate, each segment of voter sampling should be fairly equal.  Ideally, a poll will sample almost an equal amount of Democrats, Republicans and Independents.  A poll may apply what is called "weighting" to trend with historic voter turnout.  

However, several recent polls authorized by media companies have dramatically skewed weighting which inaccurately reflects voter sampling.  Some polling companies such as PPP are known Democrat polling companies who weigh voter sample to favor their candidate.  Just the kind of good news a lagging Tim Kaine can throw his arms around.  No matter how skewed the results.

What is most ridiculous is the level of desperation for the Kaine campaign to hop onto any polling data to cast a bright shiny bow on a troubled campaign.  Case in point.  The Kaine campaign recently turned back flips and somersaults over a poll by the Washington Post.  Of course this poll was stacked with over sampling of Democrats and only had a sample of 24% for Republicans.  How awful for Tim Kaine to gloat about a tilted poll just to prop up his faltering campaign.

Now the weight of scrutiny bares a heavy burden on the Kaine campaign.  As their lead has evaporated, will they continue to hide behind the numbers?  Or, will Tim Kaine have another outburst during the upcoming debates that will sink his campaign once and for all?


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